A Quilt and An Announcement

Hi! It’s been kind of quiet around here this year, hasn’t it? My posts have been sporadic at best, which I’m fully aware of. Not sure how many people still read my blog (going by my stats I would say not a lot, disappointingly), but for anyone still checking in, I wanted to explain my absence. But first, I made a quilt!

In case it isn’t super obvious, this quilt is a floor quilt. For a baby. Specifically, the baby I am pregnant with.

That’s right – we are expecting bub number two in about three weeks! Heh, I know, I kept that well under wraps, right?

So that’s why I’ve been fairly AWOL since about March. While I wasn’t too sick this pregnancy, besides the usual nausea and EXTREME EXHAUSTION in the first three months, I just haven’t had the energy to blog. Being pregnant, working and having a four year old to entertain left me SO TIRED basically the entire time, particularly once I’d finished my work days for the week and the weekend approached. It has been like permanent jet-lag that left my brain unable to formulate coherent thoughts, let alone a blog post a couple of times a week! I’m due mid-November, and I’m on maternity leave now and I’ve been trying to relax a little bit and also get some stuff done while my daughter’s in childcare two days a week. I’ve also been nesting a little, trying to prepare some things for the baby, which includes this quilt.

We don’t know the gender of the baby, so I chose fabrics that were unisex, which actually was harder than it sounds. When I made my my daughter’s quilt I used unisex fabrics because we didn’t know her gender either, and I found it easier then to find cute fabrics that were kid-like without being too baby-ish. This time around, I struggled to find unisex fabrics that were non-gendered and suitable for a baby quilt. That is, until I visited the wonderful GJ’s Fabrics in Fairfield, on the recommendation of a friend. If you are into sewing or patchwork on any level and you live in Melbourne, GO to GJ’s ASAP. It’s a HUGE shop in a sort of new warehouse building. Half of the shop is dance fabrics, the other half is patchwork fabrics and there is LOT of it. I know I’m using a lot of capslock, but seriously, the fabric range is UNBELIEVABLE. There are colours and patterns for every type of quilt, and I’m already planning to visit them next year post-baby to make a quilt for my daughter’s bed now that she’s older.

All the fabrics on the quilt are from GJ’s, except for the feather one which is from Spotlight, and the orange edging fabric is from Amitie in Gardenvale (where I did my classes five years ago to learn how to patchwork). I ended up unintentionally with a green and orange colour scheme, and the woodland creatures and trees was unintentional as well. When I choose fabric I start by pulling out things I like randomly and then stop every little while to see what matches up. I usually have a colour theme fairly quickly, and work to build on that by putting things back straight away that don’t match the colour scheme that emerges so I’m not tempted to change my mind. I already had the feather fabric, but wasn’t married to the idea of using it, but once I started pulling out fabrics it became clear that the colour scheme of orange and green was meant to be, and I used the feathers after all. My favourite fabric is the grey with the woodland trees on it, and I think the quilt as a whole is perfect for either gender. The foxes on the back are childlike without being too baby-ish or pale, nursery colours. I like strong colours, particularly on the back of a quilt, and I think the mix of oranges, greens, grey and whites go together really well.

So that’s where I’ve been all year – mostly trying to catch some rest when I can, while simultaneously trying to prepare for bub’s arrival, work, and be present for my daughter as much as I can. It’s fine line and a juggling act that I know will get more complicated once the baby arrives, but I really hope after the newborn fog wears off I can get back into blogging properly in the new year. That’s not to say this blog will be devoid of new content, it just might continue to be a little sporadic over the next couple of months. But check in with me on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (username chictodo_julia) for more frequent updates – though there won’t be baby pics or many details about that, because I do prefer to keep that stuff a little private and this isn’t a “mommy blog.” I hope to keep the tone and subject matter of my blog the same as it’s always been – movies, TV, books, fashion, style, baking, and whatever else comes up, and I hope you’ll keep reading too!

Now it’s time to make a huge lasagna to stick in the freezer for those sleep deprived days when I can’t remember how to cook dinner once baby is here.

Until next time,

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4 comments on “A Quilt and An Announcement

  1. Fiona Byrne

    What a beautiful quilt, all the different fabrics look gorgeous together. Boy or girl, it will be treasured forever! Congratulations & good luck with your new arrival x


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