2016 Emmy Awards Fashion Hits and Misses

Resurfacing after an unscheduled blogging break to bring you the Emmy Award Fashion hits and misses! We’ve had a tough month of sickness in our house, and though I wasn’t sick as my husband and daughter, I feel very run down and exhausted. So this year’s Emmys red carpet was a welcome breath of fresh air, especially since I think 99% of it was awesome, which doesn’t happen that often, right?

Starting off with these gorgeous kids, who I want to make a million kids with bikes movies forever (and who look terrific. I mean, how many kids do you know that can carry off a patterned suits jacket AND sparkly loafers? NONE):

Constance Zimmer

I love pink and white, and I love that this pattern makes it seem less girlie and more unique. The cap sleeves, small train and her razor sharp bob all add up to make a really pretty statement dress.

Mandy Moore

I like Mandy Moore and I’m jealous that she looked three thousand feet tall on stage, but this is not the right way to do mustard. Mostly because of the ruffles. I feel like they’re just kind of distracting and cut up the bottom of the bodice too much (which incidentally I just noticed was partially sheer and also does nothing to help the skirt). I mean, nothing will really ever beat this yellow gown, but good on the ladies for trying I guess?

Angela Bassett

Best yellow gown of the night, yes/yes? Slay, lady, slay.

Ellie Kemper

This had me torn. The colour looked better on camera, but I think the texture is interesting, if not entirely dissimilar to a mermaid tail or ugly lace curtain netting, and I love her hair because I expected something wavy and loose from her. But I think all around it works on her. Thoughts?

Jane Krakowski

The cut of the gown is very her, and I love the blue and the floral pattern, which historically I don’t love on a red carpet unless it’s done well (the floral I mean, not the blue). This has been done really well, but I have to deduct points for the matchy-matchy shoes. I don’t love the blue and green two tone – feels kind of juvenile

Emilia Clarke

There weren’t a lot of nude gowns this year, thank goodness. So Emilia Stood out – this is effortless. The simple cut of the skirt but the sharp cut of the bodice look beautifully fitted on her, and her hair and make up are flawless. Also I felt sorry for her for that weird Matt Le Blanc interaction E! forced on her – truly bizarre and squirm inducing.

Kirsten Dunst

I love seeing Kiki on the red carpet again, and I think she looks beautiful in black. But I wish the bottom half of the dress was not sheer. It’s like they realised it was too short and tacked on a sequinned, sheer shower curtain so we wouldn’t all see her business.

Claire Danes

I still cannot look at this without my sunglasses on.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I love her. She is ageing flawlessly – I mean, look at this utterly gorgeous W Mag cover she just did. STUNNING. I’m so happy that she didn’t wear a strapless gown to this, even though she did stick to black, which she does seem to be fond of. The sheer polka dot fabric make it more interesting than a bland black gown (of which I thought there were a lot of this year, to be honest) and the halter neckline is really flattering. A+ all around, and her funny, emotional speech was just a lovely tribute to both Veep, which is FANTASTIC (are you watching it yet? ARE YOU?) and to her father, who just passed away.

Tina Fey

I didn’t expect this colour from her for some reason, and I think it looks lovely. But green is my favourite colour, so I’m totally biased. Plus, it just looks comfortable, you know? Like you could wear your comfy undies under it and not have to worry about visible panty line, or how big your arse looks all night long. Love it.

Sarah Paulson

But THIS is a winner’s green. It’s not too kooky (which she does, a lot, with varying degrees of success). The short hair is modern and elegant, the sparkles are flamboyant, the long sleeves are perfect, and the plunging neckline works. She also gave one of the best speeches of the night.

Amy Poehler

But this green? Kind of ick….I think. The shade is a little too pale, yet a little too not pale, and even though it seems to suit her red hair, the poncho overlay seems like a formal Snuggie. I have not doubt it’s comfortable, but I think the gown would be more interesting without the Snuggie over the top.

Natasha Lyonne

Whoever did Natasha’s hair forgot to take the protective sheet off her before she left the house. The black gown underneath looks really elegant, but I guess we’ll never know. *sighs wistfully*

Priyanka Chopra

While there’s something about the design of this dress that is weirdly familiar to me (someone google that and tell me why, I’m too lazy right now), I love this. The flowy factor is sky high, and the colour is so bright and perfect on her. Head styling is completely on target as well. She looks beautiful.

Shiri Appleby

I’m SO glad this is sparkly. I feel like if it was just a plain, untextured fabric I wouldn’t have looked twice at it. The colour is so lovely, and the cut is sharp and beautifully fitted on her. My favourite blue of the night, hands down.

Worst Dressed – Anna Chlumsky

Her hair and make up look beautiful. Neck down though? LITERALLY NOT ONE REDEEMING FEATURE AT ALL. I just, I can’t. What? How? Everyone involved in this should be ashamed of themselves. FOR SHAME, ALL OF YOU. FOR SHAAAAAME.

Best Dressed – Two Way Tie

Kristen Bell

As I said above, I historically do not love floral gowns on the red carpet, especially big foofy ones (I am still the dissenting opinion on Lucy Liu’s blue floral gown from a few years ago – sorry guys), but Kristen Bell looks amazing here. The nude shade with bright and jewel tone floral bursts look really pretty and unique. Her make up has highlighter in all the right places (ahem, CLAIRE DANES), and her hair is swingy and casual but perfect for this look. Easily my stand out of the night….

….except for Constance Wu

Besides the fact that Constance is freaking hilarious in Fresh Off the Boat, this look is stunning and effortless. The navy and black is perfect on her, and how it manages to be flowy while still having knife pleats and flattering on her figure is a tough feat to execute. The plunging neckline with the understated accessories work perfectly, and when she walked on stage to present the skirt flowed so perfectly it looked like she was floating. The swingy ponytail and hoop earrings make it a fun, pretty look that ticks all the boxes for me.

Who were your best and worst dressed of the night?

Until next time,

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