Movie Review – Ghostbusters

I finally got around to seeing Ghostbusters last week and I loved it. I feel like that should just be my review: I loved it! But I know there are people out there who are faithful fans of the eighties movies, or are just plain curious to hear what the remake it like, so I’ll elaborate on my three word review above!

Before I start though, I have to say, I found this to be less of a remake and more of a reboot – a new Ghostbusters film to continue the franchise. So no one’s childhood was ruined, there wasn’t any bastardisation of the original films that I could see, and to be completely honest this film could stand alone as a Ghostbusters film in its own right.

Kristen Wiig plays Erin Gilbert, a physics professor on track for tenure at Columbia university. She discovers that a book she co-wrote with fellow scientist Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) that focuses on proving the existence of the paranormal, she hunts Abby down to ask her to stop selling the book. The discovery of the book’s continued existence comes after the manager at an historic mansion visits Erin to ask her to investigate some paranormal activities at the mansion after reading her book. Erin asks Abby to destroy the remaining copies of the book, and in return she will help Abby and Abby’s partner Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), a quirky engineer.

Columnia University find out about Erin’s extra curricular activities ghost hunting thanks to a YouTube video Abby posts, and she is promptly fired from the university, but the silver lining is that the Ghostbusters are formed. The women set up their lab above a Chinese restaurant, recruit the stupist receptionist ever (Chris Hemsworth) and get to work tracking down paranormal happenings in New York. Their first client is New York subway worker Patty Tolman (Leslie Jones), who reports some strange activity happening in the tunnel at the station where she works. After investigating with the trio, Patty decides to join the ghost busting ladies, purporting her knowledge of the New York inside and out is second to none, which will help their investigations.

As their evidence of the existence of some heavy paranormal activity is dismissed again and again, the women become even more determined to prove that there’s something strange going on (in the neighbourhood – come on, I had to!) until the mayor steps in to obstruct their progress as much as he can, despite overwhelming evidence that the city is on the brink of destruction.

A lot of critics have been so, well, critical, of this film, and I think without complete cause. Yes, the film isn’t perfect. But it IS fun. It’s just a fun adventure in the world of paranormal ghost chasers who happen to be really funny women and a wonderfully matched ensemble. Paul Feig and Katie Dippold’s script is polished enough to get laughs the whole way through, and the CGI is basically what you’d expect – ghosts and ghouls and a few creepy moments that might make you jump in your seat. It’s a hugely entertaining ride from start to finish, and I am going to be really, reall disappointed if this doesn’t get a sequel, given the amount of apparent shite that the likes of Marvel etc, al are churning out on the regular.

Go and see this. Given them your precious box office dollars and maybe, just maybe, Hollywood might realise that adventure films driven by an almost all female cast are worth making more than once every hundred years.

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