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I’ve been annoyed at little girl’s skirts in shops the past two Winters (and Summers, let’s be honest). They are usually about as long as the bottom of their bum cheeks, and even with tights on in Winter, they’re still too damn short for my liking, especially on my four year old with long, long legs. I prefer her dresses and skirts to hit her knee or at least the top of it since I know she’ll get more wear out of it as she grows, and it will just be a little more appropriate (in my opinion). So as a result, she doesn’t have many skirts in her wardrobe, just dresses and pants. Last year I saw that Spotlight had some gorgeous printed corduroy for kids, so I bought some and stashed it away with the idea of making a Winter skirt. Then this year their corduroy was EVEN CUTER – lots of forest and woodland prints, and in a range of colours. I bought another metre or so and stashed it away, realising that now that I had TWO lots of corduroy stashed away to make skirts with I better bloody well get on with it and make them. So I Googled and found a very easy looking pattern straight away – I’ve never made anything with an elastic waist before, and thankfully it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. In fact, it was super easy.

This is the skirt tutorial I used, but I didn’t quite understand the explanation of the French seam, so I turned to YouTube and found this really clear tutorial to help me out (it’s always easier to see a video of something instructional rather than just photos, right?). The skirts took quite literally one hour from start to finish to make, so I made one last night, and another one this morning while my daughter had her breakfast and watched a bit of TV.

Polka Dots

The polka dot fabric is the one I bought last year and stashed away. It’s not quite as thick as I’d like the corduroy to be, but with thick tights underneath it’s fine. I love the maroon-y purple with the mulitcoloured polka dots, such a fun burst of colour for Winter!

Woodland Creatures

This is from this year’s range at Spotlight, and it’s still in a few stores from what I’ve seen recently. There was also a navy woodland creatures corduroy that I came close to buying too, so we’ll see if I cave in and buy some for next year’s Winter wardrobe! This one is my favourite of the two fabrics. I love the pale grey background with the large graphic animals on it. Whimsical without being cutesy!

This pattern was so, SO easy to do. If you know how to sew in a straight line on a sewing machine you will be able to make these, and you don’t even need an overlocker to do the edges (I don’t have one). My only comment is that the pattern’s direction for the elastic measurement was too big and I ended up cutting off a lot more than I measured once I fed it through the waistband so that the waist gathers actually worked. I’m already excited to find some heavy cotton to make some Summer skirts in a few months and maybe try sewing some lines of ribbon around the bottom to jazz them up a bit.

Feels good to have my sewing mojo back! It’s been too long since I made anything that wasn’t a quilt!

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2 comments on “Crafty Lady – Girl’s skirts

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Thanks Merrin! Yes, we have heaps of different coloured tights and a few knitted jumpers to match to the polka dotted skirt, and some nice cream tights and a cream jumper to match the woodland creatures skirt. So cute!


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