Thoughts of the Week #11

Whew! After doing my Road to the Oscars series, and then pumping out the Oscars fashion post I was blogged out and had to take a break! So a Thoughts of the Week post is a good way to ease back into it.

– I was going to do a post this week about Autumn fashion, but then it was almost forty degrees here on Tuesday and that idea seemed pointless. Still, I was out today and I’m so excited to see all the Autumn knits and colours and boots coming in to the stores. I love cold weather fashion. LOVE IT. Especially the shoes.

Serial season 2 isn’t really doing it for me, you guys. I loved the first season because I enjoyed the procedural investigative reporting they were doing to try and figure out the holes in Adnan’s case. This time, I feel like they’re not really doing investigative reporting as such; it’s more about trying to figure out if Beau ran for the reasons he’s saying he did and since he won’t speak to Sarah Koenig, I feel like it’s just all speculation without any possible resolution.

– I listen to Pandora at work sometimes and I have a station dedicated to pop song covers. My husband has been listening to Boyce Avenue for a while so I made a Pandora station for them, so now Pandora recommends other cover bands and artists. I’ve also discovered Jasmine Thompson, who has a lovely voice. Both do amazing covers of current songs, and honestly, some of them are better than theor iginals.

– I am SO sick of the USA presidential campaigns. And they haven’t even chosen their candidates yet! ENOOOOOOOUUUGHHHHHH.

– We grabbed a quick dinner at Tutto Bene in Southbank last weekend, and I hadn’t been there before. I had heard varying reports over the years about whether it was good or not, and the food we ordered was delicious. Now, I have VERY high expectations at Italian restaurants because I grew up getting homecooked, authentic Italian meals regularly. Basically, I measure a restaurant’s quality by two dishes: penne Napolitana and polpetti (meatballs). They’re relatively easy dishes, and if a restaurant can’t get those right then they’re not worth it. Tutto Bene didn’t have penne Napolitana. They had polpetti, so we ordered some and they were AMAZING. Authentic, beautifully cooked, and just like Nonna’s meatballs. So good that we ordered a second dish. The other dish of note was the potato and pancetta tortellini with brown butter and sage. Divine.

– I love oral histories of TV shows, and this Golden Girls one is great.

– I don’t mind having a few more hot days before Autumn starts properly, but I wish they would fall on non-work days so I can go swimming. I love outdoor pools that have a waist-deep pool – not the baby pool that’s ankle deep, the pool that’s in between the baby pool and the lap pool. It’s perfect for my daughter to play in without me having to hold her the entire time, and perfect for me to sit in a pool with my head above water and feel completely cool. Unfortunately, outdoor pools that are suitable for kids under seven are few and far between these days. Everything is indoors, which is horrible on a hot day, and all they have outdoors are lap pools which little kids can’t swim in properly unless they’re super confident. Bring back the basic, outdoor shallow pools, guys!

Have a good weekend everyone, especially if it’s a long weekend where you are!

Until next time,

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