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My best friend had her hen’s night over the weekend, and I was super excited to get dressed up and kick up my heels. I might have been so excited that I ordered a total of four dresses from Asos and The Iconic to try on, but they all got returned (free returns, what can I say?). Who would have thought that out of FOUR dresses, not one of them would have suited me?? So I was grumpy, and still wanted a nice new outfit and happened to do a lap through Myer on their one day spend and save sale. Of course, I was in there less than ten minutes when I found the perfect little black dress from, surprise, surprise, Basque. Only my favourite Myer brand, and the one I will BE GUTTED ABOUT if they get rid of it. GUTTED. Every time I have a function, I look high and low for a dress, and end up back in Myer, nabbing a Basque dress, usually on sale. This time was no different.

I also got my hair cut after not doing anything with it for at least seven months due to a severe layering massacre that I had to grow out. So my hair was loooong. Down to my bra strap long. It was time for a change! Here’s the full look, with outfit details after the jump:

Now, I’m still perfecting my photography skills and location choices, but I managed to get my husband to snap these as we left the house.

Here are the details:

Dress: Basque Ponte Zip Back Dress, $99.95 (I nabbed it on sale for $80)
Shoes: Sandler Sultan Neutral Snake Pointy Toe Pump, $139.95 (I also nabbed these on sale for $104 in Myer’s one day sale a few weeks ago – they’re currently on sale for 20% off as well)
Bag: Collette (old, heaps of similar ones here)
Jewellery: Lovisa (I ended up wearing the earrings with the dangly gold earrings that also hang behind the earlobe with black beads). All together the jewellery was about $30 – Lovisa rules, am I right?
Make up: I had my make up done at Mecca Maxima, where the make up artist used primarily Urban Decay, Nars and Too Faced products. You guys know that if you get your make up done there, it costs $90 and you get $90 worth of your choice of product for free, right? It’s such a great way to get a fabulous face done, and stock up on some great products.
Lip colour: Hourglass Icon lipstick and pencil, which wore well, except when I was eating and I didn’t smudge on my teeth AT ALL. For a face close up, head over to my Instagram feed.

Since it was my first time wearing red lipstick it’s pretty freaking amazing not to smudge it on my teeth, or have it bleed outside my mouth too much – I’ve been afraid of bright lipsticks up until now and I’m trying to overcome that fear slowly. The shoes were good too, not super uncomfortable once I put some Party Feet gel cushions in them under the balls of my feet, and I loved the snakeskin pattern. Overall I was super happy with my look, and though I’m WHITE AS A GHOST, I’m learning to embrace the pale and not go spray tan crazy (the smell bothers me, and I don’t want to ruin my 1000 thread count white sheets. Bedding is very important to me.)

Most of all I’m super happy with the dress – it’s such a well cut, comfortable dress with a nice medium weight fabric that I know I’ll wear it again and again to a variety of events. Plus, a basic black dress goes with any colour of shoe, so you know what that means, right? SHOE SHOPPING.

Until next time,

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2 comments on “Chic To Do Wears – Little Black Dress

  1. Natalie

    You cut your hair! Oh I love it. And Basque is so good.

    Icon is one of my favourite reds, it’s a real old Hollywood glam colour.


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