Thoughts of the Week #10

Wow, I haven’t done one of these since July last year. Time flies when you move house, have to buy a lot of furniture, work on the garden, work at your job, parent a toddler, and do a bunch of other stuff all day everyday.

Birthday cupcake

– It’s my birthday, woo! Mostly it’s just like any other Friday, but we’ll attempt White Night on Saturday night and have a bite to eat somewhere, as well as seeing family tonight for food and my favourite – baked cheesecake. My husband and daughter did spoil me with the Jo Malone perfume I have been eyeing off for a good six months and some macarons from Belle MIette.

– We cancelled our Foxtel when we moved last year and now we have Netflix. We tried Presto for a while and it was okay. Now we’ve got three free months of Stan and so far, Stan is impressing me with the new TV series’ that I thought aren’t available here. I’m currently watching Mozart in the Jungle, and plan to try and finish watching UnReal, Transparent and maybe catch up on some older shows I never saw the end of.

– So, you all know I love Sara Bareilles. Like, LOVE HER. Did you know she’s written the music for the stage adaptation of the Keri Russell film Waitress from a few years ago? I can’t stop listening to this song and really want to buy the album ASAP.

– Whitney Port got married recently and a HEAP of wedding pics were featured in US Magazine. While her wedding dress and the general aesthetic and styling of the event isn’t what I would choose, it looks stylish and elegant nonetheless, and I think she looks beautiful.

– I caught up with Nat from The Mustard Jumper for dinner this week at Kamel in Albert Park, a middle eastern place I’ve been hearing about literally for YEARS. The food was yummy (shout out to the chicken shish kebabs – soooo good) and the company was great. It’s also a few doors down from a great Japanese place, Misuzus, that I highly recommend – some of the best Japanese in Melbourne. If you want a low-key dinner place outside the CBD, both are really great.

– Where is SUMMER? I don’t want forty degree days all the time, but I want a chance for a little bit more vitamin D before the end of March, you know?

– I have my best friend’s hen’s night soon, and I’ve been trying to find a new dress to wear. After hours browsing The Iconic and Asos, I bought a total of four dresses and every one of them is being returned. Today I walked into Myer, found a basic little black dress in under fifteen minutes from Basque, AND it was on sale. I don’t know why I bother with online shopping sometimes. I’m thinking of trying to find some neon heels to go with it, and a chunky, bright necklace. Or minimal gold accessories and nude strappy heels. We’ll see. It doesn’t look like anything special on the hanger or in the picture, but it’s comfortable, hugs me in the right places, isn’t so short you can see my business, and I can wear a proper bra with it. Win, win, win, WIN.

– On a related note, someone told me recently that Myer is planning to phase out the Basque brand (and a few others) in favour of brands bringing in established retail brands like Witchery, Seed, etc. WHY? DON’T DO THAT, MYER. Don’t take away an affordable, stylish brand that seems to be normally sized AND comes in a size range that extends past a size 16 for brands that are expensive, exclusionary with their sizing, and can be easily bought as soon as shoppers step outside Myer. It’s lunacy and I will be PISSED if/when it happens. Whenever I have a function, I search high and low for a dress and EVERY TIME I end up with a gorgeous Basque dress. I literally have three of them in my wardrobe right now.

On that ranty note, have a nice weekend everyone!

Until next time,

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2 comments on “Thoughts of the Week #10

  1. Natalie

    Dinner was great!

    I’m a Basque fan too (and I LOVE Piper at Myer) – they have really great work dresses that are a professional length for tall people.


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