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Having a sister who lives in Europe is a tremendously beneficial thing. I got surprised with the latest Urban Decay Smoky Palette at Christmas, which I hadn’t even asked her to buy for me! She was lucky enough to be in Barcelona recently (I know, right?) and visited the massive Sephora store there (seriously, Google some pics – it’s huuuuuge). We’ve been fans of the Naked palettes from the get go, and while I love their neutrals, browns, and shimmery shades, by Naked3 I was looking for a bit of eye shadow colour diversity. Sure, it was released in mid-2015, but when Urban Decay takes so damn long to reach our shores, I figure it’s still fairly new to me, and thus worthy of a quick review!

The Smoky Palette has a good mix of light neutral and shimmery shell tones, which I obviously love, but Urban Decay has also incorporated some gorgeous dark pewter and slate colours to play with. And it’s worth noting that several of the grey shades aren’t as pigmented as they seem, making them perfect for blending a couple of different shades to create the perfect smoky eye (something I’m still working on perfecting so that I don’t just looked like I’ve been drinking heavily and woken up with a wicked hangover instead of a sultry, sexy, smoky eye).

It’s a great palette for day and night looks – I tend to play it safe during the day, particularly at work where I stick to the neutral shimmery tones with a bit of a brown hue, but I’ve been experimenting with the darker greys to see what works best on my pale skin and against my brown eyes.

I love the case this comes it. Durable but light plastic, which makes it perfect to slip into my bag if I travel (whenever we go away the only eye shadow I bring with me is one Naked palette and that’s it), and the brush is double ended, with a great blending brush, something they haven’t done before.

The only shade I don’t love in the palette is Whiskey, a dark brown shade that I feel is a little out of place (and unnecessary, given the previous three Naked Palettes have been brown based). I would have loved to see a gorgeous dark grey green tone to mix things up a bit rather than another brown that I find to be a rather dull, matte tone anyway.

Overall, it’s a super sexy palette. Lots of stylish, sleek silver and grey, with a nice balance of warmer tones to even things out a bit. I’m loving playing around with this palette, and have a bunch of YouTube tutorials saved to pick up a few tricks as I experiment!

Do you have any of the Naked Palettes? Which one is your favourite?

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2 comments on “Beauty – Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

  1. Natalie

    I own the original Naked palette and have used it maybe three times, which is hilarious given I wear some form of shimmery brown eye make up every day.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      I love them so much, but I don’t own that many other eye palettes, so that’s probably why. At Sephora the other day I saw an awesome palette by a brand called Zoeva that I want, and also some cute smaller palettes from Pixi, so I’ll have to branch out eventually I suppose!


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