2016 Golden Globes Fashion – Hits and Misses

Yay, it’s award season! I feel like the Golden Globes always sneak up on me. Like, it’s Christmas, then New Year’s Eve, then you’re recovering from eating too much, then you’re back at work, then BOOM. A bunch of celebs are getting dressed up and drunk in a hotel function room. It’s just such fun to look forward to!

Aziz Ansari didn’t win an award, but he won best nominee screen shot:


Carly Chaikin & Julianne Moore

Carly and Julianne are my favourite blues for the night. Carly is obviously going for under the sea mermaid chic. She looks vampy but in a mermaid way. Mermaid vamp? It’s a THING.

Thank god Julianne used a better stylist. THANK GOD. Blue sequin figure hugging gown? Perfect. Totally perfect. Given her past fashion crimes, I must repeat: THANK GOD.

America Ferrera

Grecian yellow looks stunning on her.

Melissa Benoist

This is subdued and pretty, and I feel like it suits her personality – she seems like the sweet girl-next-door type and for her first Golden Globes (maybe?) it’s easy going and middle of the line. Not too stand out-ish, not too dull. I really like the delicate tree print.

Brie Larson

I love the gold on her, but I haaaaate the cut outs under her bust. It gives her the boob-cupped look and it flatters no one. I like that she kept her hair simple though and let the dress stand out. I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing at the Oscars though, she’s a shoo in for a best actress nomination and that means designers are going to be CLAMOURING to dress her.

Catriona Balfe

Head styling is flawless. Shoulder frills? Giant hemline ruffles? Nope. Looks like she’s Little Miss Muffet’s grandmother in mourning or something.

Kirsten Dunst

I’m so happy to see her on a red carpet at a major awards show, but I do not care for this a harness bodice thing. But her make up and hair are ON POINT.

Olivia Wilde

Love the colour, love the simple, figure hugging fit, wish she hadn’t phoned it in with her hair. I get that she had a toddler and that makes it REALLY HARD to do anything interesting with your hair (trust me, I’ve been there. Very recently), but I think this dress needed big Hollywood glamour curls or something other than limp, long locks. Also why was Jason Sudekis wearing sneakers? I feel like she wanted to veto them, but her toddler had a meltdown and she was like “Well, I only have time to win one of these battles” and let the sneakers go.

Jennifer Lopez


Saoirse Ronan

Simple, elegant white. Again, I wish this didn’t have a cape, but at least it’s subtle.

Melissa McCarthy

She’s basically wearing a formal raincoat. For someone who has be designing a line of clothing, I really expected a lot more from her. Not great at all. The shiny fabric is unfortunate and reflective, but it makes me wonder if this looked a lot better in person. I also think maybe it would have worked in a deep jewel toned magenta or peacock blue perhaps.

Cate Blanchett

She has obviously raided someone’s tablecloth collection at the last minute, because what other excuse is there? NONE.

Queen Latifah

KILLING IT IN AQUA. She should always wear this colour everyday forever.

Amy Adams

I did not expect her to show up in orange but here she is and I LOVE IT. Especially the asymmetrical beading at the waist then flowing down the skirt.

Kate Winslet

It’s plain, but I had to include it. Stunning colour, beautifully fit to her shape and gorgeous makeup and hair. Win, win, win.

Jennifer Lawrence

She looks amazeballs in red, and the jewelled neckline (or is it a necklace?) is THE SHIT. I don’t know how I feel about the waist sculpture, but overall, I love it.

Amber Heard

This is a much better version of what Leslie Mann is wearing. Leslie’s isn’t bad. But I saw hers first, then I saw Amber and Amber’s just totally trumps it.

Worst Dressed – Rooney Mara

She just looks so…ehhhh. The nude colour does her NO favours, and even she looks unenthused. The limp feathers, the sad ruffles on the bodice. I feel very depressed looking at this. It’s the visual equivalent of a dreary Winter day that makes me feel morose and lethargic. I really hope she wears a colour to the Oscars, because neutrals are not her friend.

Best Dressed – Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce looks elegant and the sleeves are always a win for me, and the lace overlay gives the neckline some nice detail. On a night of SO MANY plunging, gaping necklines, this gown does the plunge elegantly and subtly. It’s there, but the overlay makes it a little bit more peek-a-boo and less LOOK AT MY STERNUM. Easily my favourite look of the night.

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