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Okay, since last week’s post I’m officially half way through our Christmas shopping, hooray! I’m hoping to have it all knocked over by the end of next week and I think that’s totally doable. Of course, I’m sure there will be one or two last minute gifts to purchase, but as long as the big stuff is out of the way and I don’t have to battle the crowds for too long at a shopping centre I’ll be happy.

This week’s gift guide is all about style. It’s a culmination of things I’ve bought for myself recently and stuff I’ve admired when I was out and about Christmas shopping and got sick of it, making detours into shops to look at stuff I would want. So, if you have a mother/sister/daughter/partner you need to buy something for, hopefully this post will help you!

1. Myer Basque Sheer Detail Cap Sleeve T-Shirt – $27
I have this top in black, white and purple. I bought them during the recent family and friends sale when they were about 40% off, so I got them for $17 each, but it’s a great basic top for work or weekends, and it also comes in blue and a sort of orange coral colour. It’s one of those tops I know I’ll wear for a good couple of years, and it’s a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Though I must note I heard recently that Myer is planning to get rid of the Basque brand (along with a few others) in favour of adding brands like Seed and Witchery, to which I say DON’T. Why get rid of a reasonably priced, fashionable brand that can’t be found anywhere else for brands that can be purchased the second you step out of a Myer store? It’s ludicrous. LUDICROUS. So yeah, throw some money at Basque this Christmas so Myer realises that it’s a great brand to stock. For my sake, please.

2. UniQlo Cut Dot Crew Neck Sweater – $30
UniQlo has the cutest knitwear. It’s all so soft and displayed in beautifully folded, colour coordinated piles. This delicate polka dot sweater is so sweet with blue jeans and ballet flats, and I say that as someone who does not love polka dots. You’ve swayed me on my firm anti-polka dot stance, UniQlo. YOU’VE SWAYED ME.

3. UniQlo V Neck Cardigan – $30
Again, UniQlo and their colour coordinated, soft knitwear displays make me linger a little longer in their store. I love this shade of green, but it’s worth noting they have these cardigans in cotton and cashmere in a literal rainbow of colours, both in bold tones and pastels. And who among us cannot resist one or two brightly coloured cardis? Certainly not me.

4. Target Tie Waist Maxi Dress – $29
I’ve talked about my love for these Target maxi dresses and I will continue to push them on you until you all buy them as well. So comfy and cool with the splits up the sides, the jersey fabric and loose tie waist make it perfect for hot Summer days and nights. Put one of these on your Christmas list ASAP, ladies.

5. Wittner Wonda Wedge in Nude – $170
I bought a pair almost identical to these from Wittner about five years ago and I still wear them every Summer. They’re perfect for work and weekends with a nice sundress, and the wedge heel isn’t too high for klutzes like me. It’s a nice dressy alternative to heels and something you’ll wear year after year like I do. They also come in black, FYI. I’m not suggesting you get both, but I’m also not suggesting you don’t….

6. Nine West XRay Slides – $65
I’m not a big fan of the sandals that are in fashion at the moment with the chunky ankle straps. I think they look fine on other people, I just don’t love the way they look on my foot. It’s an ankle thing, you know? So I always look for sandals that either have a very low ankle strap or ones that don’t have them at all. I love the casual feel of these slides, but the gold dresses them up a little as well – it’s a kind of poolside gladiator casual chic, right?

7. Kate Spade NY Cedar Street Stacy Wallet – $125
Yeah, it’s kind of expensive, but look at the colour! Plus, it’s real leather, so it will last you a good while. And who doesn’t get instantly cheered up at an unexpected pop of hot pink? It’s like a little surprise every time you open your handbag. I like a longer wallet because I feel like the bulk is spread out evenly, so this is functional. It’s almost like you have to buy it just based on that fact alone.

8. Kate Spade NY Tavy Wallet – $123
It’s smaller, and still the same price as the hot pink wallet, yes. But again: look at the coloooouuurrrr. Aqua is such a gorgeous Summer colour, and this the perfect wallet for people who like to keep things compact and efficient. It’s also leather, and since buying a Kate Spade handbag last year I can attest to the great quality of their products. Again, fun and functional!

9. Witchery Triple Stud Earrings – $20
I love Witchery earrings. I have a few pairs and the quality is generally pretty good for the price point. These are a perfect stocking stuffer or Kris Kringle gift for pretty much anyone. Witchery knows how to do elegant accessories with a bit of an edge and these earrings are no exception. I may or may not be seriously considering purchasing them for myself….

Stay tuned next week for another Christmas Gift Guide!

Until next time,

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