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I was recently asked to decorate a cake. Not bake and decorate, just decorate. It was nice not having to worry about baking the cake and just focusing on the decorations. The request was for something simple, and now that the weather is warmer, I knew I wanted to do something with berries since they’re all in season and not too horrifically expensive at the moment.

Cake with berries

I whipped up some buttercream and iced the cake as neatly as I could, but I still left it a little rough on the surfaces for that rustic look. I bought fresh blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to sprinkle on the top, but left the strawberries off at the last minute. I also dug up some silver cachou balls from my cake decorating tub (yes, I have a TUB full of cake decorating stuff. Actually two tubs, if I’m being totally honest. Don’t judge me) to sprinkle around the berries for a little bit of sparkle. I piped some little blobs of buttercream around the base to neaten things up a bit and that was it!

Cake with berries

Cake with berries

One thing I do need to practice is getting buttercream white – by the time the cake had been served the buttercream has gone back to being quite yellow, which dulled the effect of the jewel tones of the berries on almost-white icing. I read online that adding a pinprick dot of purple colouring will make the icing go white, since purple is the opposite of yellow, so I’ll need to try that out sometime. Unless someone can suggest another way of doing it? Don’t say using shortening, because I’ve eaten “buttercream” made from shortening and it was revolting – a greasy plastic texture with no taste. And this was from one of my favourite cupcake bakeries!

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