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Recently the kind folks at reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a product from their Lancôme range and I practically jumped into their website to browse immeditately. I’ve been wanting to try Lancôme anything for ages, but given that the price points are generally at the higher end of the market I’ve held off so far (always regretfully though!)

I chose this Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur Instant Perfector because I love anything that has the words “instant” and “blur” in it. My skin is okay, but I do have the start of some sexy permanent lines on my forehead and around my eyes, and I do tend to get enlarged pores on my cheeks and chin in between microdermabrasion treatments. So I’m all for anything that will act as an instagram filter for my skin, making everything seem smooth and perfect. And I know I’m not alone, right people? I’ve used similar products in the past, most notably Benefit’s The Pore Professional PRObalm Pore Moisturizer, so I was keen to see how Lancome’s product would stack up against what I’ve already tried.

I’m pleased to say it’s done quite well! It has a very light, gel-like serum feel, so a small dob of it goes a loooong way, giving me full face and neck coverage. It absorbs instantly, and even before applying my foundation, I could see that my pores were less noticeable and that my eyes looked a little more like I’d airbrushed them and a little less like my toddler woke up at 5AM FOR NO DISCERNABLE REASON. So that’s a win right there, my friends. My current face routine in the mornings is as follows:

– Stumble into bathroom, peer grumpily at myself in the mirror.
– Wash face with very warm water.
– Apply sunscreen (50+ these days. In my 30s with the beginnings of wrinkles? Time for the big guns when it comes to SPF. Though you should be applying at least a 30+ from your teenage years, I reckon).
– Apply moisturiser.
– Apply Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur Instant Perfector. Put my face nose to nose with my reflection and examine pore size for at thirty seconds. Lean back and feel rather pleased to have bested the ageing Gods for another day.
– Apply the rest of my make up while swatting my daughter’s hands out of my make up case twenty times in two minutes.
– Give up and pretend to put make up on her.
– One last look in the mirror and then we’re off to start another day.

As a mother, I really need a product that will give me that flawless finish straight away for the whole day, because once that make up goes on and I leave the bathroom, it doesn’t get touched up again during the day unless I have a function in the evening, which is rare. The rest of the day is spent working, or toddler wrangling, or doing errands, or all of the above, so there’s little time to check and re-do my make up. I have been very impressed with Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur Instant Perfector’s ability to keep my face looking pretty nicely even and have my not-so-perfect areas covered up as if they’ve been glossed over by a magic make up wand for almost all of the day. It’s rare that a product actually does what it says it will do AND does it all day long, so this is a product I can see becoming a permanent fixture in my make up case.

Also, I have to give huge props to Adore Beauty for not only providing me with a product of my choosing to trial and review, but also for selling some big brands online at reduced prices that other online stores do not. I’ve been browsing quite a few product lines in the last week or so and noting the great price points in comparision to other beauty retailers, so I’ll definitely be doing some damage with the credit card in the weeks and months to come, I’m sure.

Many thanks to for providing this product for me to review.

Until next time,

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2 comments on “Beauty – Lancôme Visionnaire 1 Minute Blur Instant Perfector

  1. Katrina

    Will check out adore beauty stat! Great read, I need all the help I can get RE: wrinkles (oh and toddler wrangling!) lol


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