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I’ve been AWOL here lately, I know. It’s a combination of having a bunch of stuff going on in our new house, being sick all week, and just trying to do a bunch of stuff that I can blog about later (watch movies, read books, catch up on TV). And it’s also been a little bit of writer’s block – preoccupation with stuff in real life has taken over my creative drive, and I don’t really mind because it’s nice to focus on putting those little touches on our house here and there to make it seem more ‘ours’. But here’s a bit of a drive-by post of stuff I’ve been doing lately.

We had two weekends in a row of afternoon tea visitors, so I feel like my lemonade scone game is strong. This batch was the best batch I’ve made, though the middle ones still seemed a bit doughy in the centres. Still, mostly light and fluffy and divine with freshly whipped cream and Berenberg strawberry jam. Eating scones is pretty much the only time I eat both cream and jam. I usually detest cream and I find jam to sweet. But put them together on a scone and my brain just screams “GET IN MY BELLY!” You know how it is.

I wandered around Uniqlo at Chadstone the other day and nabbed this chunky cardi for $20 (originally $49). I wished they’d had a size smaller, but they didn’t. Mostly because I feel like it will stretch a bit when I wash it, but for $20 who can complain? And be honest, who among us can resist this fantastically bright pop of almost neon coral when we see it? I cannot resist coral. Like, basically ever. I have a coral skirt from Banana Republic, a coral peplum top from Target and now this. It’s one of my biggest colour weaknesses.

The Sportscraft shirt I grabbed when Myer had a Family & Friends day sale. It wasn’t included in the sale, but as I raced around Myer at 5.30 in the afternoon as fast as I could grabbing sale bargains, I scanned the Sportscraft section and saw a sale rack with a “further 40% off the marked price” sign. This shirt was about $100, marked down to $59, and with 40% off I got it for $35. Bargain. It’s been nice for these cool Spring mornings with jeans and ballet flats.

I love quinoa, but I’ve only tried to cook it once and it was a disaster, mainly because the instructions on the packet were utter GARBAGE. So when we had friends over last weekend I knew I wanted to do a Moroccan tagine dish with a quinoa salad, and I knew that I better do a quinoa test run during the week. I found this great quinoa cooking guide that was spot on, and made a salad with bacon, zucchini, green beans and peas sauteed in a little bit of oil and garlic, topped with a bit of lemon juice and carrot ribbons. Super delicious and very light and fluffy. So I am now confident that I have conquered quinoa in the kitchen. BOOM.

Make up
For the past year I’ve been trying a few foundations that are around the fifty dollar mark (Arbonne and Nars in particular). This ByTerry foundation was my go-to for the past few years because it’s goes on like silk, is a nice light foundation for everyday wear and it never clogs my pores because it’s so light on the skin. But it’s about $90. After trying a few different cheaper products, I’ve learned that a high-end product is high-end for a reason, and I caved and bought a new tube of it this week. Shout out to Mecca Cosmetica for selling it cheaper than StrawberryNet ($83 at Mecca) and shipping it with free postage in two days. Of course, it’s super annoying that my skin has decided that it’s a special, delicate snowflake that cannot be sullied by products under sixty dollars, the cheeky minx, but what can I do? It would be insulting to treat my skin badly, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my late twenties and early thirties it’s that good skin care and make up will pretty much always be well worth the expense. This is both a blessing and a curse, obviously.

When we were in Hawaii this time last year (SOB), I wandered through the Target there and had a poke around in the book section. I took photos of the covers that jumped out at me and JoJo Moyes’ books were among the pics I took. I hadn’t heard of her before (I KNOW, crazy right?), but the covers of her books were bright and graphically intriguing enough for me to want to know more (I have a thing for covers that are just bold colours and bold fonts). I recently finished Me Before You, and loved it. I blew through it in about a week, and the story of Louisa, a woman in her late twenties with no particular career aspirations who takes a six month contract as a carer for Will, a handsome, angry quadriplegic was compelling, sweet, and sad. I’m halfway through the sequel and it’s just as readable. I have another of her books loaded on my iPad ready to go as well, and I’m so happy to have discovered her (albeit probably about a hundred years after everyone else).

So that’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell. I mean there’s other stuff too, but blogging about painting wardrobe interiors and having curtains installed and a debacle with a rug for my daughter’s bedroom just isn’t that interesting to write or read about, you know? Well, ok. If you must know – the painting was tedious but satisfying to do, the curtains replaced some hideous aluminium Venetian blinds and look a BILLION TIMES BETTER in the bedrooms and dining room, and the rug had been on order since freaking July and never got delivered and went back to the supplier in China and it was a whole THING with the courier company. So yeah, interesting, huh?

Until next time,

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