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I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Target is selling the most versatile, easy, comfortable Summer dresses and skirts I’ve seen in ages. Well, that’s not 100% true. I have seen the dresses before – last Summer to be exact, when I breezed through my local Target store and grabbed one to buy without even bothering to try it on. It was the best purchase I made all Summer, and whenever I wear the dress, a simple jersey, pink and blue striped dress, I get comments on what a pretty dress it is. A simple, $25 Target dress! So today I went to Chadstone and went to the newly opened Target store to have a look around. And what do you know, Target has realised they’re on to a good thing with these jersey dresses and has released them again this year in a new range of striped colour combos.

Target dresses

I made a beeline for the dresses and noticed two things: one is that Target is currently selling them at two for $50 (single price is $29, a slight lift on last year’s price), and that they’ve also released a great range of striped jersey skirts. I promptly grabbed two dresses, the green one and the black and white ones above, and the green, blue and white skirt pictured above to stash for hot Summer days and nights when I want something that’s not too form fitting, but dressier than the weird, t-shirt material smock dress I wear around the house on scorchingly hot days. The dresses also have a drawstring at the waist which is perfect for me. I can’t wear things that don’t have a defined waistline, so being able to taper the dress in and avoid looking like I’m wearing a potato sack is always a plus! The skirt is just the bottom of the dress with a nice flat elastic waist, so it’s conducive to wearing after eating a particularly large meal, or when it’s hot and you don’t want to just slob around in shorts (or both!). Both the dress and the skirts have splits up the sides, but they barely come up to the knee, so it’s more like you’re wearing something with a ventilation section for your legs. It’s a very nice feeling on a hot Summer night, let me tell you.

The dresses are quite generous in size – I’m usually a 12 or 14 in a Target dress, and I went down to a size 10 in these. The skirt I got in a size 12 since I’m a lot curvier on the bottom than the top (thought it’s worth noting the skirt is not as A-line in it’s cut and appearance as the image above would have to seem. The model must have been about to check her sandal for gum or something when they took the photo judging by the angle of her knee). And the thing I can’t believe is that the racks are full of these dresses. FULL. So obviously no one else has realised how amazing these unassuming, striped dresses are. They’re a Summer secret weapon, let me tell you. Go and buy one. Or two, or three! Because we all know that when we find something we like, that fits us well and is reasonably priced we should buy it in every colour available, right?

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3 comments on “Fashion – Target Australia’s Easy Summer Dresses

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      So true Nancy! When they get it right, they really get it right! Great style, great price point, and perfect for a lot of different occasions.

      Thanks for reading!

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