Thoughts of the Week #10

– These sunny days have made me start picking up my camera and really try to make a concerted effort to practice my photography a lot more. It probably helps that we have a garden now, and the afternoon sunlight in our much larger house is just lovely to shoot in and outside of. I’ve gotten some gorgeous shots of my daughter watering the garden (in a variety of interesting ensembles – a t-shirt, undies, gumboots and nothing else for example), and the Spring flowers above are so nice to see in the garden and in bunches at the shops. Ranunculus is my favourite flower (I had white ones in my wedding bouquet), and the orange and pink hues I keep seeing at the moment are so beautiful. I’m going to try and take the camera out with us on family outings a bit more, to try and improve my skills on a variety of subjects other than my daughter. The photos above aren’t perfect, but I didn’t need to edit them at all, so I’m fairly happy with this early effort.

– I am SO SICK of people making up theories about TV shows that have ended. I get that with film and TV a little more study into the depths of the story and character development is warranted, as is looking at why certain characters did or said a particular thing and how it impacted the story as a whole, but I feel like we’ve reached the point where people are just making shit up. Ross losing custody of Ben because we never see him in the later seasons of Friends? COME ON.

– I had my make up done for a wedding nearly two months ago at Mecca Maxima and the girl did a beautiful job. She also filled in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, so I bought it as part of the $90 worth of product I got. I only got around to using it a few weeks ago and it is AMAZING. I cannot believe I never used one before. Every time I get my eyebrows waxed the girl asks me if I want to buy an eyebrow pencil and I always say no because I’m terrible with lip and eyeliner pencils, so I thought an eyebrow pencil would be similarly terrifying. Newsflash: it’s not! I got an Hourglass brand pencil and it has the crayon at one end and a mascara wand at the other end. It’s so easy, and my brows have been looking amazingly better – less patchy (thank you pregnancy from three years ago for that residual side effect) and just a lot neater. I am a total convert. TOTAL CONVERT.

– We’re still finishing off the final touches on our new home’s furniture and accessories. We need a rug for the formal lounge room (formal = room with no TV. No screens. WE HAVE TO TALK TO EACH OTHER OMG) and I’ve been getting sick of the same old furniture shops here so I’ve been browsing online at US stores and am currently lusting after this side table, but alas it only ships to the US.

– Reading Get Off My Internets is a sure fire way to kill your enjoyment of your favourite blogs….and yet, I can’t stop reading. There’s a whole bunch of crazy there, you guys.

– I watched the film adaptation of If I Stay, and cannot stop listening to this version of Beyonce’s Halo. So beautiful.

– I have a Tumblr, and I don’t really know what I want to do with it. Now I’m just reblogging random stuff. To me, it’s kind of like Pinterest, but it’s not really not like that, if you know what I mean. Maybe I’ll start posting my photography on there? We’ll see.

Happy weekend everyone!

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2 comments on “Thoughts of the Week #10

  1. Angela W

    So much yes to number 2. By the end of the series, I think the writers of Friends were just making stupid ‘whatever works’ jokes. Monica and Joey had become Flanders-ised, and Emma was the focus because her mother was part of the group, unlike Ben.

    Also, eyebrow pencils. Unfortunately the thin-is-in style of the 90s did a number on my brows, and eyebrow pencils have been a godsend (I use a Revlon one). I found a place on the Gold Coast that does eyebrow tattooing, and the ‘after’ pictures are really good. When I have the funds I’m going to pay her a visit.


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