Sunday Smoothie Series – Raspberry, orange and guava

Oops, haven’t done one of these for a little while! We’ve been busy getting stuff done out in the garden now that the weather has become less cold, which means that on Sundays we’ve been up and at ’em without much time to indulge in a smoothie. Last week I had a craving though, and berries have been coming down in price steadily the past few weeks from the average price of a gold brick to something more in the stainless steel range, so I grabbed a punnet of fresh raspberries because I love them so much. I don’t eat a lot of dairy these days, but one of my favourite things is a nice sweet Greek yoghurt with some fresh raspberries mixed in to give the yoghurt a tart bite. Delicious.

Also, last week I bought a couple of oranges the size of my daughter’s head, and actually got a decent amount of juice out of them, so I decided to see what rasberry and orange would be like together.

Raspberry, orange and guava smoothie

Half a punnet of fresh raspberries
The juice of one large orange
One quarter of a cup of guava nectar
1 cup of milk
Two heaped tablespoons of plain yoghurt

Combine the raspberries, orange juice and milk in the blender and pulse until the berries are pureed. Add the guava nectar and the yoghurt and pulse again until it’s all comnbined. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

I liked this smoothie, and would love to try it with fresh guava, because the nectar gave it a nice sweet undertone to balance out the citrus tang and the raspberry tartness. I would also try it with slightly less milk and a little more yoghurt just to give it a little bit more thickness. But overall, it was a light, refreshing smoothie and well worth trying!

Also, I’m weirdly proud of how nicely this photo turned out. I’ve been picking up my camera a little bit lately and trying to practice my highly amateur photography skillz, and this pic had exactly the right amount of light. And the styling is not the worst thing in the world (something I’m usually fairly terrible at). Yay!

Until next time,

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