Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley: Episode 11 – Pilots

Well, all of August went by in a freezing cold blur and we just couldn’t get out from under our nice, warm blankets to get a podcast done. But we have a good reason! We were busy prepping for episode eleven by watching a bunch of pilot episodes!


Kimberley and I wanted to watch the pilot episodes of critically acclaimed shows and cult hits to see how they hold up. Some of these shows were new to one or both of us (The Wire, Breaking Bad), and some of them were new to just me (Roswell) or to Kimberley (The Americans). We also rewatched some of our favourite shows from the nineties to see just how dated they were, which was a lot of fun. So much bad fashion! So many interesting hair styles! So all that TV viewing kept us pretty busy. You know how it is – Netflixing it up, trying to clear everything on the Foxtel box, dabbling in a little Fetch TV. Keeps a couple of pop culture loving gals busy these days.

This was a really fun little experiment, and it’s made me want to revisit some shows that I haven’t watched in a reeeeeeaaallllly long time for nostalgia’s sake, plus it’s introduced me to a couple of really great shows which is even better! We both had a ton of fun discussing the pilots, and we’d love to know which TV shows had pilots that got you from the get-go, or took a little longer to pull you in. Even better, go back and watch the pilot from your favourite nineties show and see how daggy/amazing it is!

Our podcast is now available on iTunes under Julia & Kimberley’s Pop Culture Hour, and it’s FREE! So download, listen, love, and go back to iTunes to rate it! Share the love, people, share the love.

Until next time!

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