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I have been hearing about Jamberry for a while now, having some friends in the USA who are consultants for the nail wrap company. I’ve never tried any kind of nail transfer, mainly because I never saw any that really appealed to me. But over the past year or so I’ve been seeing these friends of mine posting photos on Facebook showing off their newest Jamberry manicure, and I was intrigued. The designs were bright and colourful, and there were really cool patterns and graphics – they were like nothing I’ve seen around here. I recently did some poking around on the internet to look at the Jamberry site and I was immediately interested in trying them. Coincidentally, a friend of a friend on the internet introduced me to her friend, who is a Jamberry consultant, and she very kindly offered to send me a complimentary sample, and over the weekend I finally set aside some time to have a go at my first Jamberry manicure!

You receive the nail wraps on a sheet as shown above. I was sent the link to a video that has detailed instructions on how to prep your nails and apply the wraps, and remove them. You only need a few simple tools that most people would have in their bathroom cupboard anyway (a cuticule pusher, a nail buffer, a good quality nail file) and you’re on your way! You do need some alcohol swabs to prep your nails with, but they’re easily found at a chemist, and if you can’t find them then white vinegar on a make up remover pad works too. The prep video references a Jamberry heater, which I don’t have, so I just used my hair dryer on a lower speed and heat – the transfer needs to be heated briefly to adhere to the nail. Having the little heater would probably be a lot easier than fumbling around with a big hair dryer (my hair dyer is industrial strength and big because I do a lot of blow waving of my own hair), but it wasn’t too difficult.

The Jamberry wraps come on one sheet in a multitude of sizes, and I found they matched my nail size fairly well. They say to apply the wrap above the cuticle and just inside the nail/skin edge on the sides, leaving a little sliver up the sides, but I found the wraps were either too big or just the right size, so not many of mine had the little sliver up the sides. I did find it tough to get a nice shape on my thumbs and had to do a little bit of creative trimming at the base before applying it because the rounded corners just didn’t match up with my fairly square thumbnail cuticle. I also need a little bit more practice on the downward filing motion you do when you need to shear off the excess wrap at the top of the nail – that was the most difficult part, even with a nail file that was fairly new.

The end result though, after only about half an hour of application, is really good! IT really does look like I’ve had an instant manicure, and unlike nail polish, I could go on with my business straight away, so that meant that doing dishes, packing lunches, and folding clothes could be done without worrying if my manicure would smudge or chip, which is brilliant! I’m already trying to decide which wraps I want to try next, and the great thing about Jamberry is that they do a LOT of seasonal designs, so there are frequently new designs available (but this also means that your favourite wraps might be discontinued). Still, it’s great to see a company constantly releasing fresh and fun designs.

One downside is that I noticed the tips of my wraps did start to chip and peel a little bit on day three, which is disappointing. But it’s not as obvious as it would be with nail polish where the nail ned itself chips. These are just imperfections at the tips of the nail, so not as noticeable. The manicure itself still looks fairly fresh if you don’t look too closely. However, Jamberry purports that they can last up to two weeks, which I doubt if this is how they look on day three and four. I do wonder if my nails weren’t as short and I perfected the downward filing motion the video demonstrates whether they would look a little fresher at the tips for longer. I think practice and time will tell.

One other thing I wanted to note is that these are great for kids too – my daughter saw my nails and immediately wanted some on her fingers. I choose two of the tiniest ones and applied them to her nails so she could have sparkly nails like Mummy, but in browsing the website I discovered that they offer a juniors range as well, which means that your kids can have their own special set of wraps and not commandeer all of yours or smudge freshly painted nail polish all over the furniture. So that’s a definite win!

Jamberry is about to launch in Australia, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to order your very own nail wraps to try really soon!

Disclaimer: although I was provided the nail wraps by a Jamberry consultant, it was not in return for a sponsored post or payment.

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