2015 Emmy Awards Fashion – Hits and Misses

Before we even THINK about talking about the fashion, let us all bask in this:


Okay, moving on.

Zoe Kazan

Guys, do I like this? Or do I feel like I’m looking at a life sized candy cane while high? The pattern is trippy, and I wonder if it looked less drug hazy in real life. Yet I can’t stop looking at it….

Uzo Aduba

Love the colour, love the splash of gray/blue around the mid section. I just wish it fitted a little better through the waist/hips.

Penelope Ann Miller

I have nothing else to say about this other than I just think it’s really pretty on her. She looks so bronze, but it just works.

Claire Danes

I think the pattern on this is really cool, and very different. But the style does absolutely nothing for her figure. Plus, it looks like it’s on backwards. Or am I the only one who sees that?

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie always needs her dresses hiked up about four inches, and this is no exception. But I do really like the two tone colours done in a ball gown, which I feel like I haven’t seen before (or that often). Plus, she looks like she loves wearing it, and historically I feel like her dresses make her look miserable. When fashion makes you sad, you need to look at your stylist choices. Well done, Maggie G.

Danielle Brooks

I don’t know that I love the style of the skirt, but I LOOOOOVE the colours on her, and she also looks like she’s loving wearing it. Plus, she’s Taystee. She’s the best!

Christina Hendricks

Yay, she looks really good! Her assets are wrangled comfortably, her hair and make up is stunning and the metallic studs are very red carpet rock star. Well done!

Tracee Ellis Ross

No. No to the cut outs, no to the peasant skirt, no to the boob holders. The colour is lovely on her, but that’s it. This is terrible. And it makes her look about four feet wider than she probably is on the bottom, which is a heinous fashion crime.

Taylor Schilling

The colour!! I love it. I also love her hair and make up, and the dress bodice. But once I get to that dreadful Little House on the Prairie hemline she’s lost me. And why is it asymmetrical and five inches off the ground? It’s ruining a perfectly workable dress. Seriously, scroll up and cut off the bottom of the dress on screen so you can’t see it. See what I mean? Perfectly lovely. Scroll down a bit more and OH GOD NO. NO! NOOOOO!

Kerry Washington

I really didn’t like this at first. I’ve come around to it a little more this evening, and now I quite like it on her. My problem is that it’s so HEAVY looking. It’s the chainlink sleeves and the shoulder armour and the fish scale skirt. But it just looks so perfect on her? And I love her shoes. A LOT. I look at it and look at it and come away thinking it’s Mad Max: Fury Road chic. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Kathryn Hahn

She’s come as a sexy tango dancer, but looks like she’s wearing a couch. This is terrible.

Julianne Hough

But this is the MOST TERRIBLE. Julianne has been attacked by a thousand spiders then doused in sparkles. Awful. Truly awful. Definitely my pick for worst dressed.

Ariel Winter

Ariel was almost lmost my best dressed.This is simple and elegant, and the colour is killer on her. She looks flawless.

Aubrey Plaza

But this is actually my best dressed. It’s basic black, yes. But it’s long sleeved which you all know I love on a gown, has a tinge of red on the sparkles, has a plunging neckline that is just the right amount of plunge, simple shoes and a killer bob hair style. I love all of it. It’s so perfectly her, yet not at all what I expected her to wear. Some might think it’s boring, but I think it would have looked stunning in real life. I love it.

Who were your best and worst dressed?

Until next time,

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2 comments on “2015 Emmy Awards Fashion – Hits and Misses

  1. woolwise

    I agree. The spider web dress and the couch fabric dress were easily the worst. My favourite is Penelope Ann Miller I her very classy, glamorous classic film star styled dress. It was perfect in every aspect.


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