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One of my style goals (ugh, I don’t know if I like that term, but let’s just move on) for the past few years has been to wear more jewellery. I usually just wear some earrings and my wedding and engagement rings and that’s it. I never wear bracelets because I always find them too big and irritating, so I’ve been focusing on necklaces and slightly bigger earrings. Here are a few of the items I’ve bought lately in an effort to add a little something to my outfits.

Emily Green necklace: $59.95

I’ve seen people wearing these Emily Green necklaces around the traps for years and always admired them. I love the brightly coloured ones, but could never find a colour combo I reeeeeeallly wanted. I also don’t love jewellery on leather straps, no matter how thin, and hers generally come on a strap. Nearly two months ago, Temple & Webster was selling her necklaces and I saw this one in neutral tones on a silver chain and snapped it up. It will go with a lot of different things, and while I think one day I will buy one of the more brightly coloured variations, this is a nice way to ease into a chunky necklace. The chain length is just right and it’s not too heavy around the back of my neck. The only downside is that it took Temple & Webster SIX WEEKS to get it to me (apparently due to supplier issues), which was disappointing. But on the plus side, we ordered floor rug from them two weeks ago and it got delivered yesterday. So… you win some, you lose some I guess.

Neckmints necklace: $24.95

When we moved house last month I had a bunch of birthday and Christmas vouchers from The Works in Hawthorn, which is a giant Bed, Bath & Table shop with eeeeeverythiiiing in it. It’s amazing. As I shopped for new towels and bathrooom accessories, I wandered past one of the middle tables and lingered over the Neckmints jewellery. The range is so delicate and sweet, and so affordable that I couldn’t resist slipping this necklace into my basket. I love the three tones in each cube, and while it’s a shorter chain length making it sit at the base of my neck, it’s so light that it doesn’t feel like I have something up around my neck choking me.

Lovisa earrings: $12 approx

We had a wedding on the weekend and I finally got a chance to wear the gorgeous emerald green Ralph Lauren dress I picked up at Macy’s in Hawaii last year. It’s very Kate Middleton – three quarter sleeves, hugs my figure in the right places and has flattering rouching across the bodice and chest, with a nice drapey cowl neck. Because of the cowl neck I knew I probably wouldn’t wear a necklace, so I wanted statement earrings. I wore nude heels from Diana Ferrari, and wanted earrings in a copper or gold to go with them. I was pondering just whether or not I could get away with a giant ear cuff earring (conclusion: I cannot), when I saw these pretties. A little art deco, a quiet nod to the ear cuff trend without going too far up my ear, they were the perfect accessory.

Lovisa copper necklace: $10 approx

Even though I didn’t think I would wear a necklace to the wedding, I grabbed one just in case I changed my mind. I love the simplicity of this style, so I think it will go nicely with work and weekend wear, and I’m slightly obsessed with copper coloured things right now (I KNOW, eyeroll, so revoltingly on trend. But I don’t like gold, so it’s a good alternative to silver), and since Lovisa was having 30% off store wide it was a steal. Plus, I love that the bar is lightly textured, it’s a nice subtle touch.

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