Book Review – David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking

When the lovely folks at Penguin gave me the opportunity to take a sneak peek at David Herbert’s latest cookbook I jumped at the chance. Best Home Cooking is exactly that: a collection of two hundred recipes from Herbert’s Weekend Australian contributions that are delicious, easy meals and sweets best cooked and enjoyed at home over the dinner table with family and friends.

Recipes from the book David Herbert’s Best Home Cooking by David Herbert, with photography by Brent Parker Jones, published by Lantern, RRP $39.99.

It’s no secret that I love a new cookbook, especially from a chef whose recipes I’ve used before and loved immediately. Herbert’s ginger syrup cake is to die for, and has more ginger in it than Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran and Eric Stoltz combined. Naturally when this gorgeous book arrived on my doorstep I was immediately excited to flick through the pages and pick a few recipes to try over the coming weeks. There’s nothing like a beautifully presented cookbook, and this one is filled with engaging but simply styled food photography and easy to follow recipes.

It would be incredibly easy to plan a whole dinner party using this book and nothing else. There are snacks, appetisers, salads, soups, pasta and rice recipes, as well as more rounded dishes with seafood, poultry, and red meat. There’s a wonderful desserts section, as well as a separate baking section to finish up the book, both with delectable delights to tempt even the fullest of stomachs. I already have plans to try the salted caramel mousse and the mini strawberry and white chocolate tarts, probably after I’ve made the spiced lamb shanks and eggplant baked with tomato and mozzarella. Although the beef goulash sounds very tempting in these last few days of Winter, I also keep going back to the salad section and looking at the pea and pine nut salad for a tasty lunch on the go at work.

The impressive thing about these recipes is that they’re deceptively easy. Every tempting recipe has a measured and methodical approach that’s written out step by step. Herbert uses incredibly accessible language throughout the book, and the preparation and cooking techniques are simple, achievable and efficient. There’s nothing better than a delicious sounding meal that’s easily cooked after a busy day, or one that lets you take a little more time on the weekend and devote some gourmet TLC to – this book gives you ample opportunity for both. Beautifully styled and elegantly written, Best Home Cooking is a fabulous addition to any kitchen cookbook shelf and will easily become your go-to recipe collection for every occasion.

Special thanks to Penguin for providing me with a review copy for this blog post. But they haven’t just provided me with a review copy! They’ve also given me three fantastic recipe extracts for you to try at home!

Chicken and feta sausage rolls
Prawn tagine with buttered couscous
Little coconut cakes

I made the chicken and feta sausage rolls on the weekend and they were quite popular in the Chic To Do house, even with a fussy toddler. They were quick to prepare, cooked in under half and hour, and were so incredibly tasty I don’t know if I’ll ever eat a beef sausage roll again. For real, you guys.

Best Home Cooking is available from Penguin Books Australia for $39.99AUD.

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