Baking – Coconut and Mango Cupcakes

It was the RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday this week, and everyone at my workplace really gets into it. There are always heaps of different flavours, beautiful decorations and we can buy 3 of them for seven bucks. Bargain, right? I wasn’t sure what I was going to make until about a month ago when I had some mango sorbet. It set off a craving for something else mango flavoured that I knew would work in to a cupcake.

I used the Vanilla Vanilla cupcake recipe from the Cupcake Central cookbook, which is a terrific recipe, always perfectly baked and just the right amount of crumb, with a nice subtle flavour. I added about one and a half tablespoons of desiccated coconut to the batter, but I felt the flavour didn’t come through enough, so I probably should have used a tiny bit of coconut essence or coconut oil.

The mango buttercream was a bit trickier. I used a normal buttercream recipe (butter, icing sugar, a tiny bit of milk), and added the puree of half a mango, which meant that I had to add quite a bit more icing sugar because it made the buttercream a tad runny. I added some orange sugar crystals and toasted coconut flakes to the top as you can see, and for the ones that went on sale I added a dollop of the leftover mango puree, which my husband said enhanced the mango flavour quite a bit. He’s my taste tester – he gets a cupcake and in return I get to grill him at length with insane competitive cooking show questions like “which flavour note was the strongest?”, “is it too crumbly?”, “is it too doughy?”, “would you pay money to eat it?”, etc, etc. You know, totally normal questions.

The cupcakes were a hit, and we raised about $600 for the RSPCA, so win win!

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