Thoughts of the Week #9

– It’s been a busy week for me. My sister and I saw Of Monsters and Men on Tuesday night and Florence + the Machine on Wednesday night. Both bands were incredible, but I have to say that Florence’s show edged in front a little because of how incredible Ms. Welch is live. Her voice is just phenomenal, and her energy on stage is captivating. The only thing that sucked was that the show was at The Palais in St. Kilda, so it was seated and any time people stood up to dance, the people behind them would ask them to sit down because they couldn’t see. A show like Florence + The Machine needs to be standing room just so the crowd can get down and boogie. Both bands sounded EXACTLY like they do on their albums, which is always excellent. If you’ve never listened to either band, go and buy their albums and thank me later.

– I will never understand why people take selfies on Instagram that show how incredibly messy a room is. Like, they’ll be dressed to the nines in an incredible outfit, or have flawless make up and their bedroom will look like a clothing and make up tornado went through it. I mean, it doesn’t have to be spotless, but at least make the bed and put away the contents of your wardrobe. Geeze.

– I have discovered Disneybound on Tumblr and while I’m not a big Disney aficionado, I completely appreciate the aesthetic.

– A year or so ago I wanted my blog to be an A-list blog. I wanted to do and create all the things that you’re “supposed” to do to make it a business. I would love for this blog to be my source of income, but the more I read about stuff you’re “supposed” to do or read blogs that want me to sign up for a newsletter or peruse emails about how I have to pay hundreds of dollars to sign up to an e-course to learn how to be a better blogger the more convinced I am that maybe that isn’t what blogging is about. I don’t know. I waver back and forth between wanting to really drive this blog to SOMETHIING, and just wanting to do it for the enjoyment of it all. How to find the medium between those is question, I suppose. Also, I remain very convinced that very expensive blogging courses are full of things that we can find online for free anyway.

– We cancelled our Foxtel in favour of Netflix in our new house and so far I’m not super impressed with Netflix Australia. There isn’t really that much new, interesting stuff. The movie selection isn’t great either. To give you an idea, when I search through the comedy movie section almost every film Adam Sandler has ever made is in there. I thought there would be a lot more new release stuff. As expensive as it was, Foxtel did have a LOT more stuff to choose from across every genre, for both movies and TV.

– I recently discovered Wolfpop, a website with a bunch of cool podcasts. Case in point: Rich Sommer, who played Harry Crane on Mad Men has a podcast on there devoted to talking about board games.

– I love most of the pieces in Emily’s Cupcakes & Cashmere clothing line so far. I particularly like this Pacific Stripe dress, though I think the price point is much too high. A jersey dress for $150AUD? No thanks.

– I’ve seen two magnolia trees in bloom, which always means that Spring in coming! Once the blossom trees start blooming then we can really get ready to kiss Winter good bye.

– The Winter sunshine we’ve had over the weekend and on Monday has been such a welcome break from the grey, rainy freezing days, hasn’t it? Some sunshine on your face makes the cold seem just a bit less cold and unbearable.

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