The Pop Culture Hour with Julia & Kimberley – Episode 9: Fierce Female Characters


This month’s podcast was a fun one! It’s all about fierce female characters and why we love them. These are the women who are smart, sassy, and unafraid to follow their gut and fight for what they believe in. They don’t wield a stake, or have a super cool spy get-up, but they kick ass and take names every day of the week regardless!

It was great to chat with Kimberley about all the kick-ass women on TV, both past and present. Our lists were quite different, which I think is testament to how much great writing for women is happening in Hollywood right now, and I really hope it continues to get better and better. I mean, we need great characters like this every day of the week:

Am I right?

You can download episode 9 right here on Podbean for FREE! All our previous episodes are there too, so help yourself to some fun pop culture podcasts just in time for the weekend!

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