Sunday Smoothie Series – Cherry and Peach smoothie With Lime

So Winter is upon us. And with it goes all the delicious Summer stone fruit. I always eat less fruit in Winter, because I feel like there’s less interesting things around. I mean, pears are nice, but they take so bloody long to ripen. The melons are always on the shelves, but they start to taste mealy and bland. So I struggle to find interesting and tasty fruit to eat. When I was googling Winter smoothie recipes this week, I really didn’t come up with much, but this cherry one jumped out at me. Even though cherries are not in season at the moment I keep seeing big tubs of them at the supermarket, and I thought “Why not?”

Cherry, Peach Smoothie with Lime
The recipe I used called for 1 cup of cherries, fresh or frozen, which is what I used, but it was too much. I would suggest half a cup of cherries (I used fresh ones).
1 ripe peach
Juice from half a lime
1 cup of milk (I used almond)
Ice if you want it

Pit and puree the cherries and peach together until they are as smooth as possible. Add the lime juice and milk and blend it all together until super smooth. Pour over ice and enjoy!

I actually used an entire lime’s juice and I found it to be a little too much, so cutting back on both the cherries and the lime juice would create a softer smoothie, and bring out the peach flavour a little more. And make sure your peach is very ripe – which is also tough in Winter. I quite liked this smoothie and would definitely make it again with a few amendments as mentioned. I really don’t use cherries enough in Summer or Winter, so I’d like to change that – they’re just so juicy and sweet!

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