Thoughts of the Week #8

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– Who honestly does not book movie tickets online these days? Especially on a Friday or Saturday night? For real. Standing in a busy cinema queue is for chumps.

– We got the interior of our house painted recently and even though it was painted in the same colour, it looks so FRESH and CLEAN!

– I feel sorry for those people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to look like a famous person, especially when the final product looks nothing like that celebrity. What a waste of money.

– I love behind the scenes photos and although this is a little late, these SNL 40th Anniversary ones are great.

Pioneer Woman’s business building is to die for.

– I am really not enjoying the current trend of putting a very low heel on ballet flats and flat formal shoes. This is not 1980 and I do not need to look like I’m wearing a chunky court shoe.

– I would like you all to know that fairy-style party dresses for little girls cost as much as a dress I would buy for myself. Insane. AND it’s very hard to find them in aqua/blue tones that aren’t Cinderella dresses.

– Also, if you spend time and money sewing a small costume to go with that fairy dress, chances are EXTREMELY HIGH that your toddler will refuse to wear it. I promise.

– Finish off your week with some great quotes. I can never not read lists of quotes. Ever.

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2 comments on “Thoughts of the Week #8

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      GET OUT.

      I haaaaaaate standing in massively long queues especially on the weekends. And I obsess about choosing good seats so I don’t get stuck in the middle of a row near the front.


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