Sunday Smoothie Series – Pomegranate, Cranberry and Kiwi

I am intrigued by pomegranate. I have never eaten the fruit itself, but I had a delicious salad a month or so ago that had pomegranate seeds in it that added the most tart flavour with every bite. I am not someone who generally enjoys savoury and sweet flavours mixed together (except for a lemon chicken hit from the Chinese takeaway, then I’m like GET IN MY BELLY), but after eating that salad I wondered what pomegranate juice would be like in a smoothie.

While I was doing my grocery shopping last week I noticed a pile of pomegranates tucked away on the corner of one of the fruit shelves and grabbed one to experiment with. I found a smoothie recipe that also included cranberry juice, which I had in the cupboard, and I used those two things as the base, then added a few things to create my own recipe.

1 pomegranate, hulled, with the seeds partially pulped to yield one cup of juice
1 cup of cranberry juice
1 kiwi fruit, chopped
1 teaspoon honey
Half a cup of your preferred yoghurt
1 quarter cup of fresh lime juice

Throw it all in the blender and pulse until the kiwi is totally pureed.

I read online that it’s best not to totally puree the pomegranate because if the seeds are totally pulped they release a bitter flavour. So I pulsed mine once, strained the juice out, then pulsed it again to strain a little more juice out and that was enough. Oh, and hulling a pomegranate kind of made my kitchen look like a scene from Dexter. There was spatter EVERYWHERE. So if you attempt this, wear a gigantic apron and cover everything in plastic drop sheets.

I have to say, this smoothie went down so nicely. I think it’s probably my favourite so far. The cranberry juice and kiwi made it sweet, but the pomegranate and yoghurt gave it a perfectly balances tartness, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll be making this again for sure.

Until next time,

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