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It’s been an exciting two weeks in music for me. Two of my favourite bands released new songs, and I went to a gig last night at the Corner Hotel here in Melbourne to see one of my favourite singers! So of course, I need to share this with you, because you NEED to have these bands/singer in your life. Your iPod will thank me, I promise!

Mumford & Sons – Believe

I have been hoping and hoping for a new album this year from these banjo playing hipsters SO HARD for the last few months. One reason for this is because I know they’ll probably do a tour here when it’s released. I missed their last national tour in 2012 because they were here when I had a teeny, tiny newborn almost permanently attached me and couldn’t get to their show for breastfeeding, post-natal reasons. So when I got in the car to drive to work on Tuesday two things happened. I had the radio on Triple J as I normally do when I drive to work and Ben from the band was being interviewed and they played their new song, Believe. Then I got a text message from my sister:
Text message
This song is a bit of a departure from their usual frenetic, uplifting, banjo playing extravaganzas, but I quite like it. It reminds me so much of Snow Patrol’s sound, another band I adore, and I’m super keen to hear what the new album will sound like. I’ll be buying it the day it hits the shelves, that’s for sure.

Florence + The Machine – What Kind of Man, Third Eye and St. Jude

Again, Florence + The Machine toured here in 2012 when I was rocking the hardcore new mother look (pyjamas for days, unwashed hair, and a permanently exhausted look on my face), and I was devastated. Lungs and Ceremonials are two of my all time favourite albums and I know the concert would have blown my world apart with choral energy. But, with the release last week of not one, not two, but THREE new songs, I’m confident that they’ll tour here again soon. What Kind of Man has the cutting, intense sound Florence does so well, Third Eye has that gloriously energetic, throbbing beat similar to the songs on her previous to albums, and St. Jude is a subdued song with a guttral rhythm running insistently behind her stunning voice. The album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful comes out in early June, and I am counting down the days. This is a band you need to start listening to, your life will be infinitely better for it.

Ingrid Michaelson – Live at the Corner Hotel, Lights Out Tour

No one has posted any footage from the gig last night online because no one was really standing there with their phone up the whole set; everyone was just enjoying the music which was great to see. I took a couple of quick videos that I’ve posted on Facebook and Instagram because I just want everybody to start listening to this talented woman. I think a true testament to the talent of a singer is whether or not they sound the same live as they do on their album, and three of my favourite singers all do: Sara Bareilles, Joshua Radin, and Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve seen Michaelson once before, also at the Corner Hotel, which is a great, intimate venue for a singer like her. She’s a great performer, and very sweet and funny in between songs. She mostly played songs from her most recent (and really great) album Lights Out, but she did sprinkle a few older ones in there. I was disappointed she didn’t play Highway, which is one of my favourites, but I can’t find a live version online anywhere, so I’m guessing it doesn’t make it into her set list often, if at all. The YouTube set I’ve embedded above is a condensed version of the set she played last night, with the same band members, so it’s just like being there! Except that you weren’t there, because you haven’t started listening to her music yet, right? GET ON IT, PEOPLE. Her music is sweet and soulful indie pop that always struck a chord with me lyrically and she’s just wonderful to listen to.

Oh, and my favourite, favourite singers Joshua Radin hinted that he’ll be touring here this year as well. Better start saving my dollars! You should, too. Like I said, your iPod will thank me, I promise.


Until next time,

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