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It’s Autumn! The air is getting crisper in the morning, the evenings are getting darker earlier, and we can slowly stop waxing our legs as often for a few months, hooray! Actually, that last part is harder when you have to take a toddler to swimming lessons every Saturday morning. But still. Warm clothes! Scarves! Hats! New wool coats! I’m always a bit sick of the cold weather by about halfway through August, but in March, I’m always happy that I live somewhere that has actual changes of seasons. And it must be acknowledged that our version of “cold” here in Melbourne is NOTHING like what our North American friends are experiencing. But indulge me for a moment as I discuss my love of jumpers (sweaters, for any non-Australians reading).

When we were in Hawaii last October, I was happy to see that they followed the seasonal fashions even though I’m sure they don’t have much need for Winter coats and thick jumpers. So I snapped up these jumpers because I knew that come Winter in Melbourne, I would want some casual and cute stuff to wear with jeans during trips to the park and the supermarket with my daughter. Functional, comfortable and cute is was I wanted, and that’s exactly what I found in Banana Republic at the outlet mall.

The only exception is the argyle jumper at the top there, which is a Tommy Hilfiger jumper my mother bought me last year after I had an annoying experience with the four jumpers I ordered from Joy (everything was garbage and I returned the lot of them). I can’t resist a bit of argyle, and often think I would take up golf JUST to wear argyle.

Oh, who am I kidding? I would never take up golf.

All the Banana Republic jumpers were on the super sale rack except the pink one, which was full price, but they’re all just cute and comfy, and can be paired with any of my jeans and a pair of ballet flats and I’m good to go. I also noticed a few last week at Chadstone while I was there, a white, grey and blush pink leopard print one from Sussan, in particular. I’ll see if I can nab it in a sale at some point, because it’s seemed a little dressier than these ones and would go nicely at work where things are fairly business casual.

Having a wardrobe full of cute knitwear makes me appreciate the change of season so much more. And the good news is that jumpers are SO HOT right now – they’re all over the place in the shops and online, so I forsee my collection growing over the next few months. Now I just need to find a new Winter coat to go over them and I’m all set!

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