Birthday Spoils

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I turned thirty three. I don’t really care so much about the numbers (most of the time), except when I can’t believe I’m still not twenty two and I now have a little human being to look after. My birthday fell on my day off, so I took my daughter off to DFO at South Wharf to hit up the Michael Kors shop because my husband’s gift to me was a new handbag that we hadn’t had time to go and buy. My trusty brown Oroton bag was faded and worn, and not in the good leathery way. So it was high time to invest in a new one, and I’d noticed the Michael Kors and Kate Spade shops had opened at DFO a few months ago. I bought a Kate Spade bag when we were in Hawaii last October, but it’s a big, boxy sort of bag and not suitable for everyday wear. So I’d been looking in the Michael Kors shop and had seen a few that looked like they suited my style. I tend to always go for black or brown in a handbag because they go with everything. I am also beginning to include navy and grey now as well, but I think they’re harder colours to find. I had also sold some of my lovely dressy dresses lately, things I no longer wear and no longer fit into because I’m a slightly smaller size than I was before I had my daughter. These are all dresses that I spent a hundred dollars or more on that I only wore once or twice at the most, so it was high time to get rid of them. This meant I had a little bit of cash to put towards the new bag, and then it doubled as my gift from my husband. I didn’t really want or need anything else, and we are in major decluttering mode at home, so I really didn’t want anything that took up unnecessary space in the house. So I browsed a bit and chose this gorgeous fella:

After looking at the brown and black versions of these side by side, I opted for black. As I said, my Oroton bag was brown, so it was time for a change. I love the size – not too big, not too small (the Goldilocks of all the bags in the shop), the straps go perfectly over my shoulder, and the bag zips up, which means that when I’m out and about and leaning over a pram or bending over to pick up my daughter nothing will fall out. I mean, mostly what I have in there are snacks for her anyway, so if that container of biccies falls on the ground MAY GOD HELP ALL OF US. I like that it has a structured shape rather than the more barrel bag look of some of the shoulder bags, and it has a little bit of bling, but it’s within my bling tolerance level (which is low). I only wish the bling was silver and not gold, but that’s just a personal preference thing! Anyway, new bag, I love it, the end!

But wait! I was in the mood for a spot of shopping on my birthday and the stuff in the shops wasn’t thrilling me that day, so I decided to give The Iconic a try. I’ve never shopped there because to me it seems like it’s full of crop tops and hipster stuff that girls in their early twenties wear to music festivals or to their uni lectures or out clubbing. Which makes me sound hideously old, but when I see the ads that’s how it seems to be primarily marketed. But I’ve been wanting a pair of those leather look skinny pants for a while, and haven’t seen any in the shops, so I bought these ones one sale. And I thought, why don’t a get a top to go with it as well? So this Dorothy Perkins top made it’s way into my cart as well. Miracle of miracles, they both fit! I have literally NEVER bought pants online because I’m terrified of how badly they’ll fit, but these are stretchy, fitted and have a glorious elastic waist for big meals! These ones have a strip of thick neoprene fabric down the sides, which I don’t 100% love, I wanted some that were an all leather look, but I don’t mind. Plus they were on sale, so beggars can’t be choosers. I did have to get them taken up significantly because my short legs were drowning in the excess length. But that’s a cheap fix.

The top I loved instantly, because it reminded me a lot of Felicity Jones’ Golden Globes dress, which was a similar colour and I really liked that. I don’t wear a lot of necklaces, so the embellished neckline screams “Lazy girl’s accessory” and the short sleeves are nice for the cooler mornings and warm afternoons. I wore this last week for the first time and realised that is was too wide in the body, but it fit perfectly across my broad shoulders, therefore a smaller size wouldn’t have fit. So that went off to the tailor as well and I got it taken in at the sides to fit my torso, a shape I prefer anyway. Anything without a defined waist makes me look twice as wide as I am and about five months pregnant which I AM NOT. It’s a little annoying to buy stuff on sale and then negate the savings by having to tailor them, but since it was a little treat to myself I didn’t hold it against the clothes for too long.

I also posted a pic on Instagram last week of these rockin’ clogs that I bought. They need no real description: I’ve been wanting pair since last Summer, these were on sale and Joanne Mercer and had an additional 30% off at the register, plus free shipping, so they were a bargain buy. I love them, but I will admit that they are not super comfortable so far. I find that Joanne Mercer’s sizing is about half a size smaller than the standard size, because I am suddenly a size 8 and 1/2 in there when I’m still a plain old 8 everywhere else. I love the way these look, and the killer 70s vibe they give off, but I’m a bit annoyed that they’re not more comfortable under the ball of my foot considering they’re not a true high heel. The sole is slightly concave, so there’s this miniscule area of space under my foot which feels odd at first, but I think as long as I wear these when I’m mostly sitting down I’ll be fine. I justified this purchase because again, I sold a dress and a top from the collection I mentioned above and that covered the purchase of these shoes.

Jo Mercer ballet flats

And another Joanne Mercer purchase on the weekend was this pair of nude ballet flats. My beloved brown flats are so trashed that they went in the bin at the start of Summer, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new pair for a while, but the true brown shades haven’t quite made it into shops yet. So I got this pair from Jo Mercer to keep me going and have to say I love the way they look with washed blue denim. I’ll still look for a more formal pair of brown flats as we get closer to Winter, one with a more pointed toe, but for now these are cute and comfy. Though again, they are a size 8 and 1/2, and I think the sole could do with a little more padding. I find Joanne Mercer shoes to be a little flat in the sole, so I end up feeling like I’m walking straight on concrete towards the end of a shoe’s life, but since I’ll wear these mostly in the office and casually on weekends I think they will suffice. Sadly, these weren’t on sale, BUT they were having a buy one, get the second pair 50% off, and I briefly toyed with the thought of getting the identical grey pair. But I DIDN’T. I might see if they’re on sale at DFO in a few months and nab them them. I have to say, though, that since wearing them this week I feel like maybe I should have bought the size 8 even though they were tight across my toes, because the leather is so soft that they feel like they’re going to stretch out and be waaaay to big in a few months. Oh, well.

And so there you have it. I go in phases where I don’t buy much, and then I buy a bunch of things ALL AT ONCE, which is what’s happened here. But I’m fairly happy with everything and managed to get a few bargains, so my wardrobe and wallet remains happy.

Until next time,

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