2015 Golden Globe Award Fashion Hits and Misses

Oh man, so much fashion to talk about. I’m going to try and rip through these as well as I can! Let’s start with the cutest, most adorable nominee tonight, Quvenzhan√© Wallis:

I mean, come on. A cute lavender skirt with a pretty, sparkly bodice and a rockin’ up do. She is just the bees knees.

Rosamund Pike

I know she just had a baby in December, so hats off to her for getting out of her maternity singlet and pyjama pants, but this dress is doing her torso no favours. At all. Like, AT ALL. Also, why is it so low? The woman just had a baby, for crying out loud. The last thing she wants is the danger of her one of her breasts accidentally flopping out.

Felicity Jones

I love the colour of this, and I love, love, love the high neckline. This makes me wonder if I was Amish in a past life? But I do wish this was a column dress, I think the bottom half kind of swamps her.

Naomi Watts

Love the colour, adore the necklace. It really makes the whole outfit. Because of how much I love the necklace, I will ignore the hanky bodice.

Kelly Osborne

Sigh. So, we’re still sticking with the purple hair? FINE. I love a navy gown, and I really love this form fitting gown. The shoulder cape also really doesn’t repel me, which even I am surprised by. Nice work, Kelly.

Allison Williams

Guys, do I like this? The texture is kind of like the little pom poms my daughter has in her craft box. Perhaps that’s why I feel fondly towards it. On the other hand, it is kind of venturing into toilet roll dolly territory, so…there’s that. Gorgeous colour though.

Kerry Washington

Oh, dear. She’s caught Stumpy Leg Syndrome from Kaley Cuoco. Who let that happen?? I don’t love the textured two-toned fabric either. Sorry Kerry, I love you, but no.

Emma Stone

I have more positive feelings about this formal pantsuit than I did when Emma Watson did this last year. (Is the formal pantsuit an Emma thing?) I do not care for the butt/hip ruffle. If there’s a place a woman doesn’t need a ruffle, it’s in the butt/hip area. But her hair and make up is super cute. So glad she’s a red head again.

Lupita Nyong’o

If this was a column dress I would like it more. But I would still think that it looks like someone threw a bucket of purple paint all over her skirt and she didn’t have time to change.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

I liked both their on stage outfits much more, but it’s worth noting that Amy is killing it in that blue shade. Also, can I please be Tina Fey wearing a sparkly tuxedo forever? K, thx.

Keira Knightly

I get that she’s pregnant and she wants to be comfortable, but why did she borrow her Grandma’s curtains and the doily from her dining table? Why?? Who honestly told her this was a good idea, for real? Seriously. SOMEONE TELL ME.

Amy Adams

I really don’t know about this colour. It suits her colouring perfectly, but I find it kind of blah. The style is nice, and she looks super pretty, so the more I write this, the more I’m coming around to it. What is going on?? I feel a bit weird now. Hmmm. Okay, fine, I like it. THERE.

Uzo Aduba

Love this textured metallic. Uzo kills it on the red carpet and this is no exception.

Lena Dunham

For God’s sake. Someone HELP HER. Tell her to STAND UP STRAIGHT. Tell her that she needs a tailor to give her gowns a once over the day before the event. Just….someone. DO SOMETHING.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

My queen. I love her, I love her style, and this is gorgeous.

Helen Mirren

“I know, right?”

Jemima Kirke

“Capes are totally in, right?”

Jennifer Lopez

“Oh, honey. That’s a nice little cape you’ve got there. But better luck next time.”

Amanda Peet

Is anyone free to give her a ride to Lena Dunham’s intervention? Because based on this and on her past red carpet crimes, I think she would benefit from it.

Diana Kruger

I love this.

Reese Witherspoon

But I love this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. Killing it, lady. KILLING IT.

Claire Danes

What the everloving fuck is this? A formal maxi dress? That she’s wearing backwards? I don’t understand! Almost my worst dress. Almost.

Julianne Moore

This was almost my best dressed. I have historically had Issues with Julianne Moore’s red carpet choices. Remember the formal garbage bag? I do. I can NEVER FORGET IT. But I think people are giving her a wee bit of help and this could be her year. I love the graduated texture down to the feathers on the bottom. Stunning.

Melissa McCarthy – Worst Dressed

The satin shirt, the sequined necktie cravat, the layered skirt. Who is god’s name imagined this monstrosity up? Designers: LOOK AT YOUR LIVES. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. Realise that curvy women can be dressed in a fashionable, elegant, on-trend way.

Jessica Chastain – Best Dressed

I mean, really. Honestly, this is just superb. The black, the shimmery bronze, the pleats, her hair and make up. This is just perfection and I keep going back to look at it. Stunning work, Ms. Chastain. Stunning.

What were your hits and misses from the Globes? I’d love to hear them!

Until next time,

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