Thoughts of the week #5


– I’ve been trying really hard to wear more nail polish. I have a crap load of them, and my nails are long and strong at the moment, so I’m trying to wear some fun, colourful polishes. At the moment I’m loving my Ulta colours. So bright and thick and colourful! The plus side to wearing more nail polish is that I’m sort of getting better at painting my own nails. I even went out and bought a cuticle trimmer, which I find weirdly satisfying to use. Am I professional or what?

– I’m glad it’s not too hot yet, but I hate this current Melbourne weather pattern of one hot day, then five days of grey, cold-ish crappy weather. A nice, sunny 23 degree day every day would be just fine with me, thank you.

– We recently upped our monthly internet download limit to 50GB 24/7. Previously, we were on a 30GB plan that only allowed us 10GB during peak period, which seemed to be from 6am until 6.01am. So we would hit our limit within two weeks of the start of the month and the other two weeks the internet would take five minutes to load a single page. Seriously, I would go away from my laptop to get a snack or something, come back and the page STILL wouldn’t be loaded. Now we have the luxury of 50GB and it is GLORIOUS.

– I’ve discovered two new discount shopping websites: Zulily and Zulily is mostly kids clothes, but they do sell a bit of women’s clothing and maternity/breastfeeding clothing too. It’s great for me because I have a daughter, and there seems to be more girl’s clothes than boy’s clothes, and it is so, so adorable. It’s stuff from the States, and it’s just nice to buy stuff on the cheap that’s a bit different to what’s available here. is like hipster heaven. Very trendy homewares, decor and accessories like what you’d find wandering around Fitzroy or Brunswick. Some of it is a bit twee, but there are some cute things on there that would fit right in to my imaginary dream home.

Letterboxd was introduced to me by Kimberley and I love it. It’s like a GoodReads for films that you’ve watched/want to watch. Exactly what I need, because adding movies to the notes function on my phone just doesn’t cut it. Apparently they’re building an iOS app, which will be even better.

– We went to the night noodle markets and it was good. I had some trouble getting there, because Melbourne traffic decides to screw me over whenever I decide to go into the city, but it was good. It was definitely good to get there at 5 when it opens, because by 7pm it’s a madhouse. But we had some tasty food from Chin Chin, Longrain and a few other places and I love the concept of being able to try renowned restaurants all at once. Pork was definitely the flavour of the moment, and for a noodle market we didn’t actually see many places selling noodles, but it was still good.

Rose Byrne
– How gorgeous is Rose Byrne looking in the new Oroton campaign? So retro and so classy. It’s making want to go out buy new sunglasses RIGHT NOW.

– Who else is prepping their Christmas baking list? I bought one of those star Christmas tree kits from Aldi a few weeks ago which I might do this weekend. I’ve also bought a large Christmas treet cookie cutter (it’s about 12cm tall) to make some gifts with, and I’ve bought some mini cookie cutters to use on the Lebkuchen biscuits I make every other year. Those mini ones will be a good one to use with my daughter, and then I’m thinking we’ll half-dip the baked cookies in white chocolate instead of icing them. And of course, no Christmas is complete without making Rumballs.

– My hair is super long at the moment. Down to the bottom of my bra strap. I came close to chopping it all off in Hawaii because it was making me hot, but now I’m kind of on a personal mission to see how long I can grow it. The annoying thing is, the longer my hair gets, the wispier and thinner it gets at the ends, which makes it seem less lustrous. Anyway, we’ll see how that goes.

– Speaking of Christmas, I heard All I Want For Christmas twice last week at the shops, within the same hour and it made me insanely happy. Time to turn on the Christmas music station!

Until next time,

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