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Hello! I’m resurfacing from under a mountain of rumballs and Lebkuchen biscuits and left over lasagna and scalloped potatoes and a million other carbs to slip a quick post in on this last day of 2014.

I desperately needed a new wallet, so I chose this one from The Iconic (now sold out) and my husband bought it for me for Christmas. I’ve had a Status Anxiety wallet before and loved it. The leather is soft, the colours are gorgeous and bright, and they have a heap of space inside for all my cards and stuff. The only thing with this one is that I think it could use a better fastener than just one press stud on the front, but I suppose it will prevent me from stuffing it with stupid receipts and stuff. I adore the colour. Green is my favourite colour and this is a nice pop of happiness when I reach into my bag.

Other than that, I’ve been avoiding the sales like the plague. Maybe I’ll pop in next week, but I really can’t be bothered this year. Anyone else feeling me?

Until next time,

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