Thoughts of the week #4

Waimanalo Beach

– The above photo is one I took on our holiday in Hawaii. It’s Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, and it is quite literally the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life. Both my husband and I agreed it was probably one of if not THE most gorgeous part of the world we’ve ever seen. So of course, the day we went there, they had signs up saying to stay out of the water because of Man-O-Wars, which are Portuguese Jellyfish. There were a few people there who were dashing into the water for a quick dip them running out again, just to say they had swum there, I suspect. We didn’t do that, just because once we went in our daughter would want to go for a swim and not get out for hours. So obviously we will just have to go back to Hawaii to swim there. But seriously, how stunning is it?

– The Christmas food is already out in the supermarkets and has been since September. I find this less irritating than having the decorations start to creep in early because food can be consumed immediately. Putting Christmas decorations up in September would just seem crazy. The reason I am talking about this is because Cadbury seem to have a few new Christmas chocolates out and I promise you that I will sample all of them and report back. I’m particularly looking forward to the chocolate Christmas puddings which are apparently just chocolate with cinnamon flavoured praline in it. This is the one I’m most excited to try. I love praline and I love cinnamon. I do not love Christmas pudding though, so I hope it doesn’t taste like what I’m imagining. Edited to add: I tried these, and they were not that nice. Too much cinnamon, not enough praline flavour. Disappointing.

– I don’t like sweet and savoury mixed together. I make an exception for lemon chicken. Anything else? Get it away from me.

– I love this film clip for Sam Smith’s song I’m Not The Only One. Dianna Agron is so beautiful. You all know she has a website too, right?

– I do not care for ballet flats that are so flat you can feel the concrete beneath your feet, or that have side that are so low it looks like your feet are spilling out the sides. OR where the front is so low that you can see the toe cracks. The whole thing looks cheap. As in, a cheaply made shoes.

– I am getting really sick of parenting websites that have really sad, depressing lists of things that stop happening once your kids grow up. Like “one day you’ll pick up your child, put him down, and then never pick him up again.” I know my daughter is growing up, stop reminding me of how fast it’s going. I AM AWARE. I know she’s not always going to wake up all warm, soft and sweet smelling, and waddle over to me in her sleeping bag and fall into my arms for a morning cuddle. STOP REMINDING ME, INTERNET. YOU ARE DEPRESSING.

– The amount of people I saw posting statuses and pics on Facebook about how much fun they were having on Melbourne Cup Day, and who they were betting on and which horse was their favourite, and then an hour later posted animal cruelty things once those two horses died was ridiculous. You cannot talk about how much fun you are having betting on a horse race at any stage during the Spring Racing Carnival and celebrating with champagne about your wins, then write about what a barbaric practice it is twenty minutes later because IT IS HYPOCRITICAL IN THE EXTREME. Either ignore the sport entirely, or just admit you enjoy it and all the festivities around it. You can’t have it both ways, people.

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