Thoughts of the Week #3

– This GIF has been my life (and my husband’s) this week. We took the cot bars off my daughter’s cot so it’s a bed now and holy hell. She has been having the worst screaming fits in the middle of the night. She’ll wake up like clockwork at 10 or midnight and scream for two to three hours. That’s not an exageration – literally TWO or THREE hours. Nothing calms her, nothing makes her sleepy. It’s not night terrors either, because she’s fully conscious and asks for things and calls out. She’s either waking up from a nightmare, or we’ve had the unfortunate luck of taking the cot bars off as her two year old molars have decided to come in. Toddlers, man.

– New online pet peeve: when people at conferences tweet regurgitated stuff from the presentations they are watching. It clogs up my feed and makes me slightly jealous I’m not there. But mostly it clogs up my feed.

– Why do allllll my staple skin care and make up items run out when I am still a few weeks away from being in Sephora where I can stock up again?

– Sometimes I wonder if I don’t explain myself properly or if people really are just that stupid. Example: recently I had to try and get a little sticker made up to put on the mat board of a framed photo. It’s a frame that has 12 little pictures of my daughter, one for each month of the first year of her life. All I wanted was a sticker on a pale pink background with white text that said “My first year.” SO many people just did not understand what I wanted. A guy I spoke to said he could print a blank pink sticker, then a clear sticker with white text on it and I could stick the two together. What? NO. In what universe are stickers created in that way? Makes learning how to properly use the Adobe Creative Suite look more and more attractive each year. It’s not the first time I’ve had a really hard time sourcing something relatively simple. Etsy was no help either. I asked my husband if I have a strange way of explaining things and he didn’t think so. Conclusion: people really are that stupid. In the end I gave up on the sticker idea and just got the damn thing framed because the photos had been sitting around for six months waiting for a sticker to be designed that I never received. The whole sticker thing just became all too hard. TOO HARD.

– People, let’s talk LinkedIn. Do you accept connection requests from people you don’t know and have never worked with? I don’t, because I don’t think it makes sense, but am I using it wrong? Is it supposed to be used to network with people you don’t know? I don’t think I want to connect to people I don’t know, but then maybe I’m missing out on opportunities? I don’t know. Networking sucks.

– Ed Sheeran played at the Grand Final, apparently. I don’t mind his music, but I feel like it’s reached the point of oversaturation (see also: Rihanna and Pink).

– People who drive literally TWENTY kilometres under the speed limit when there’s no one in front of them make me crazy. Like, RAGE BLACKOUT levels of crazy.

– I love this Beyonce and Jay-Z video from one of their concerts. It has little home movies and it’s so cute. God, their lives look amazing.

– Does anyone else eat Caesar Salad mostly for the croutons? You do, don’t you? ADMIT IT.

– We’re heading to Hawaii soon, and I’ve been making a wish list for Sephora, but then I remembered all the food I want to try or bring home in my suitcase: Ben & Jerry’s infinite amount of flavours, this intriguing thing called Cookie Butter in a jar, a yellow cake mix, some cinnanmon chips. What else, guys??

– I got some microdermabrasion done this weekend and man, my skin looks better already. I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive.

– Rewatching Mad About You reruns makes me remember how much I love Paul Reiser/Paul Buchman, and how much of a critical, neurotic person Jamie Buchman is as a wife.Though I do love the little vignettes they have before the opening credits – They’re often wordless, but speak volumes about the little intricacies of married/coupled life.

Until next time,

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2 comments on “Thoughts of the Week #3

  1. Dustyn

    I don’t do LinkedIn, haha I “meet” all the people I want without knowing anyone personally through Twitter.
    What’s on your Sephora list, I’d love to know? Maybe a microdermabrasion=at=home tool?
    American food love – Goldfish!
    My speedo is seven years old (Subaru Liberty’s are apparently well known for this fault as they age) and when you’re driving 100km’s, it’s on 95km’s instead really. I hate knowing that I could have been that REALLY SLOW DRIVER argh!!
    Hypothetical: can you mix melatonin liquid in with a child’s drink? Use ThisWorks Baby Sleep pillow spray stuff maybe? I wish you many hours of solid sleeping in the future…
    Oh, and the Small Bump song by Ed Sheeran? Lately, getting me all right up in the heart.

  2. JuliaJulia Post author

    My Sephora list is getting ridiculous! Too long to post here. I might do a separate post next week and ask for recs/things to cross off!

    Nah, 5ks under the speed limit is fine, even safer than the actual speed limit! Lately I keep being on major roads where the limit is 70 or 80, and people are chugging along in fairly new cars at least twenty ks under. Drives me insane!

    Thanks for the tip about the sleep pillow spray – if we get desperate I might give it a shot. She wasn’t too bad last night, I think just the change in the bed/cot environment has rattled her, and she’s also bee a bit clingy lately, so we’re just working on getting her used to resettling herself. Makes for hellish nights though! I’m reluctant to dose her up with anything just yet, but I’ve definitely considered it, believe me.

    The Small Bump song is a nice one, but I feel like every week he has a new song out. Enough already! Let me enjoy what’s already out and take a break, dude!


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