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We’re heading to Hawaii for a family holiday soon (fourteen hours on a plane with a toddler – help me Rhonda), and I know I’m going to clothes shop over there, but I wanted to buy a couple of nice things to wear to dinner while we’re there in case I don’t shop straight away. I was browsing Asos last week and saw a couple of cute things, so I went ahead and ordered them.

1. Asos Wrap Pencil Dress in Crepe – $66.55AUD
I loved the colour of this (it’s also available in black), and the v-neck style with longer sleeves, and the gathers at the front really appealed to me, so I grabbed it. Unfortunately the size is just the tiniest, tiniest bit snug, so I’ll be returning it. I might order the next size up though, because it’s a really wearable dress – good for work, good for dinners out, good for weekend barbecues. Super versatile and the crepe is very heavy (translation: not horrendously see-through, which I find can happen sometimes with crepe). Thought I do have a feeling I’ll find a dress like this in Hawaii, or even here in Myer later in the year – it has a very Leona Edmiston feel to it, and I buy at least one of her dresses every Summer.

2. ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt In Animal Print – $66.55AUD
Somehow I completely missed that this was a pleated skirt. I’m not opposed to pleated skirts, I have two David Lawrence ones I got at an absolute steal last year in coral and aqua that I adore. But I just wanted a leopard print skirt that wasn’t pleated, and the pattern coupled with the knife pleats, coupled with the midi-length (which I was going to take up anyway) makes me look as big as the side of a leopard printed house on the bottom, so this is going back.

3. River Island Waisted Kaleidoscope Maxi Dress – $57.04AUD (reduced from $95.07AUD)
There is a blue/green/purple version of this dress as well. This version with pink didn’t have size 14 in stock, but I took a bit of a risk and ordered the 12 because maxi dresses are often a lot looser and more forgiving than non-maxi dresses. I preferred this dress to the other one because of the pink in it, and the risk paid off. It fits nicely, and the splits up the side create a nice floaty skirt without being too high and cellulite-revealing. This is a keeper, and I’ll probably pair it with some metallic or tan sandals in Hawaii. I do need to take it up a smidge so that I don’t step on the front and face plant on Waikiki Beach after some daiquiris, but this is a fashion cross I’m willing to bear.

I also bought some bathers for myself as well, but not from Asos. I like a lot of support with bathers, so I don’t buy them online because I have to try on billions of pairs before I find ones that fit my combination-sized body. I found this nice tankini and separate bottom from Sunseeker which is really comfy and suitable for toddler carrying while at the beach. I have a bikini I bought last year that I’ll take with me as well, but when swimming with a small person it’s always good to have a full coverage swimsuit so that things don’t pop out when tiny hands grab on in the surf. This comes from personal experience, trust me.

Sunseeker Ticking Stripe tankini
The bather bottoms I got were striped to match the top, though you could buy a solid bottom in blue like the model is wearing and it would look quite striking. Of course, these are hideously expensive, but I’ve found in life that when it comes to swimwear, if you pay a shitty price, you often get a shitty product, so I allow myself to spend more on bathers than I do on other things (although how swimwear makers can justify charging that much money for such a small amount of fabric is OUTRAGEOUS). I also like that the blue and white stripe will show off a tan nicely (this is also my father’s motivation for buying polo shirts in pastel colours). Not that I advocate baking out in the sun for hours, mind you, but I slather myself in 30+ sunscreen and still manage to get a bit of colour on my pasty white skin. One of the benefits of being half Italian, you see.

So, at least I had one successful purchase from Asos, and I’ve found bathers with plenty of time to spare (because we all know that bathers shopping is THE WORST, particularly when left to the last minute). Now I’m mentally making a list of things to pack for Hawaii, which I need to turn into a physical list soon, and I’m going to try really, REALLY hard to share a suitcase with my husband on the way over. Hawaiian airlines allows 32kgs per person. PER PERSON, Y’ALL. So we basically have an entire suitcase that we (translation: I) can fill when we’re over there. I’m going to try and be really conservative in my packing so that I can take full advantage of this generous luggage allowance.

Priorities, guys. I have them.

Until next time,

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