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So, I like Pinterest, and I’ve liked a few pages on Facebook that are kids shops with decor and furniture, and now that my daughter is two and a half and we’re going to take the rail off her cot tomorrow (GOD HELP ME), so I’ve been thinking about how I might decorate her room when she’s a bit older. There’s certain stuff you have when you have a baby that makes the room very baby-esque, obviously. Cots, bassinettes, change tables, bouncers, etc. As the baby grows up, that stuff gets shoved into the garage or given away, and suddenly you have a room without much in it. I’ve seen a few things lately around the internet that I’ve bookmarked, thinking how nice that would look in a little girl’s room, and I figured I might as well do a mood board so that I can keep track of it here. Having a blog really comes in handy sometimes.

I don’t love pink, and when you have a baby girl, you get a loooooot of pink stuff. I mean, I don’t hate the colour, but there are so many other colours I love more, particularly coral. And as luck would have it, a lot of the stuff I saw was coral. IT’S LIKE THE INTERNET IS READING MY MIND.

1. Layla Single Quilt Cover – Country Road, $149AUD
I love the coral in this (obviously), and I also like that it’s not a really kiddie doona cover. I get so sick of all the flowery love heart animal prints I see everywhere. Though a lot of kids’ doona covers these days are getting a lot more contemporary and artistic. The price is a little much for a kid’s doona cover, but the style is right up my alley. I love that the other side is aqua gingham, a nice complementary colour.

2. Minimalistic bookends – Summer – yellow tree laser cut metal bookends – Etsy, $61.19AUD
Kids’ books are so annoying on bookshelves. They’re big and flimsy and they don’t stand up on their own, so bookends are a must. And we have quite a big set of bookshelves in my daughter’s room that we’ll hang on to for a good few years because they were a bargain Gumtree find and hold a LOT of stuff. But because they’re so big, we haven’t quite filled them with books yet. I love tree and nature themed decor items for kids, but not ones that are overly whimsical. I think yellow complements coral nicely and I love sunny pops of colour like this.

3. King Single Lady Peacock Bed Head Peach – The Family Love Tree, $399AUD
Even though this is called “peach”, I think it’s gorgeous. It does come in a BUNCH of other colours (I love the aqua one), and it’s a king single, which is handy to put in a kid’s room in case you have a visitor who’s bigger than three feet tall and two feet wide. The curviness of it is so pretty, but it’s contained so I don’t think it’s too busy. And it’s feminine enough without feeling too little girlish. I would totally buy one for myself but it might be weird to have the same bedhead as my daughter…right? Sort of like those mothers and daughters who dress alike, but not as bad?

4. Pocohontas Spring Wall Paper – Love Mae, $195AUD
Damn, wall paper is expensive, you guys. We have a feature wall with wall paper on it in our dining room, and I love it, but it wasn’t cheap to do. Sadly (or awesomely), that feature wall only fueled my obsession with wallpapers, as does the wall paper shop I walk past on my lunch break three times a week that has the most beautiful wall papers in the window. Anyway, I like the idea of having wallpaper behind the bed, and this one from Love Mae is colourful and feminine without being all rainbows and fairies. I put these wall decals from Love, Mae up in my daughter’s room once she was born and I had more of an idea of the colour scheme of things, though this one is quite gender neutral, which is always good. This Pocahontas wall paper also comes in another colour scheme which is equally as nice as well. In fact, the whole website has some super pretty things on it, it makes me thing of a sort of kikki.k for kids.

5. Yellow Arrow Personalised Lamp Shade – Land of Nod, $79AUD
I chose this because of the yellow, and I like the touches of grey and lilac in the pattern. I’m not 100% sold on the inital, mostly because if a kid grows up and ends up hating the lamp, what are you supposed to do with it? People will walk into your lounge room and say “Why do you have a lamp with an ‘F’ on it?” You could make a joke involving the F word, I suppose, but it seems like a lot of work. I would prefer the lamp just in the pattern, but sadly, I do not rule the world and probably have no control over this….Maybe.

6. Art Print – Pinterest
No link to a particular art piece for this one. If you Google the quote, a bunch of Etsy sources come up with various designs. I am planning on putting some kind of artwork like this up in my girl’s room, just to remind her how kick-ass it is to be a female. I chose this one purely because it’s a quote that I didn’t understand the depth of until I was much older, despite despite repeated viewings of The Wizard of Oz as a child. I’m sure there a heap of places you could get something like this custom made on the cheap, and I would probably go for something that was more font focused with less of a bold graphic that was more in line with the coral and yellow colour scheme, but I do like mixed media feel of this artwork.

Plus, that Glinda looks like someone I’d want to chill with. I bet she’s got some good stories.

Until next time,

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