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Last week the folks at BooHoo reached out to me and shared some looks from their upcoming Christmas collection. I must admit that I liked the majority of the looks, but felt that some of the pieces weren’t entirely my style. However, there were a couple of looks that grabbed my attention straight away and they all involved a little sparkle.

Coincidentally, I’d been out browsing the shops last week and kept being drawn to things that had a little metallic in them, or a bit of a sparkle. Now, this doesn’t really fit my usual day-to-day wardrobe of working in a fairly business casual office, or being home with a toddler, but I’m filing the stuff I’ve seen around away in the back of my mind for end of year festivities when a bit of sparkle is more than welcome – as long as it’s in the form of an on-trend piece of clothing and not a tacky $2 shop Christmas earring that lights up, am I right?

So when I saw these three looks in the BooHoo collection, I thought they would be perfect for the Christmas period where there are lots of boozy brunches and lingering, champagne filled dinners. In the first image, I don’t know what I like more – the jacket or the shirt. The shirt would be perfect with black skinny jeans and some platform clogs, and the jacket would look great with a pale blue denim and a basic black tee. I don’t know that I’d pair them together, as it gives me visions of a seventy year old retiree at a wedding in a sparkly twin-set, but maybe that’s just me? The white sequined jacket is perfect for day time. I’d wear it over a crisp white top with a long, blingy gold necklace and black capris (my Summer staple) with some metallic heels, I think it would look great at a Christmas lunch. Even a gold top underneath might look suitably festive. The final look, the dress, appeals to me because of the long sleeves. I do love a long sleeved dress, which I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion, and although it has a drop-back, I think you could still wear a bra with it (important to those of us in a certain age bracket and/or post-baby, yes?) The metallic sparkle is gorgeous for a New Year’s Eve party at a bar (as long as it’s not swelteringly hot), but it would also be great for a Winter wedding. Plus, we must mention how killer those heels are on the model. A totally functional, sexy black pump that’s not too delicate.

I can’t believe how fast Christmas is approaching. I mean, it’s MID-SEPTEMBER, you guys! But seeing fun and stylish clothing like this arriving in shops and online makes me look forward to the undeniably hectic Christmas period a bit more knowing it’s possible to look great while stuffing three hundred rumballs in your mouth and sipping on a nice Summer cocktail at the same time.

(While BooHoo reached out to me and asked if I would like to share some looks from their collection with my readers, this is not a sponsored/paid post.)

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