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I mentioned recently that I’ve tried Arbonne over the past few months, and was fairly pleased with it. And my my very expensive foundation ran out this week (which I normally purchase on Strawberry Net with a discount so it’s not as hideously expensive). Actually, quite a few things ran out these past few weeks, which is so annoying because I was hoping they’d last another month until I’m in Hawaii and can stock up on stuff either at Sephora or on the cheap at the drug stores. But why should anything be that convenient? I bought a Face of Australia tinted moisturiser at Priceline last week hoping that would keep me going until I get to Hawaii where I can shop for cosmetics and skincare to my heart’s content, but within two days of using it, my cheeks were breaking out in huge, painful blemishes, and I never get blemishes on my cheeks. I kept using it for a couple of days to see if my skin adjusted to it and things only got worse. So into the bin it went. I have never had a breakout like that so immediate and so massive, which is disappointing because I used to use quite a few Face of Australia products when I was in my early twenties (although admittedly that was cosmetics).

When I went to my friend’s Arbonne party a few months ago, one of the products we tried was the Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15, which I quite liked. So I decided that instead of spending seventy bucks on my usual foundation, I’d give this Arbonne foundation a try. I signed up to be a VIP client, so I get a 25% discount, which brought the cost down to $40. But once I added the shipping it ended up being almost the full price (which is $56AUD), which negates the saving I’m supposed to make as a VIP client. I should probably have waited to buy it when I wanted something else to make it worth my while, but I needed foundation fairly urgently. Anyway, I’ve been using the foundation for a couple of days and I’m happy with it. It feels nice and it applies smoothly with a sponge. I got the Buff colour, though I do wonder if next time I should get the shade lighter, just because the Buff shade tends towards looking like it has a lot of yellow tones in it when I applied it on the sponge. It doesn’t look too yellow on my skin though, which is great. It’s light, not oily at all and it’s SPF 15+, which is a must for me. It’s definitely worth giving a try if you’re in the market for a foundation that is middle of the range in price, plus it’s vegan and it’s mineral makeup, which is all the rage these days.

Plus apparently this it the foundation they used in the Twilight movies. So there’s that, too, if that’s you’re kind of thing.

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