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I blitzed through season 2 of Orange is the New Black last week and man, I love this show. I love the mix of comedy and drama, the darkness of some of the characters right next to the light-hearted nature of others in the prison, the snippets of the guards’ private lives, the way nobody is perfect and some people are just trying to survive.

My thoughts on season 2 – SPOILERS AHEAD. You have been warned….

Piper Chapman – Piper is one of the least interesting characters to me. That doesn’t mean I don’t like her, but in season 1 she was so naive and sweet and it was kind of boring. This season, though, I was glad she’s toughened up. I guess nearly beating someone to death does that to you. But seriously, can her infatuation with Alex PLEASE STOP? She loves her, she hates her, she wants her, she despises her, she’s surprised Alex sold her out in the trial. REALLY? You’re surprised? Because I’m pretty sure no one else is.

Alex Vause – See above. I’m really sick of the Alex/Piper storyline and I feel like they’re including it just to give Piper something to do. As far as I can see, Alex only cares about Alex, yet she’s able to manipulate Piper’s feelings any way she wants to. Please go away, Alex.

Nicky – I love Nicky. She’s so damaged, but she’s so dry and smart aleck-y. Natasha Lyonne kills it. I didn’t like the game she had going with Boo, though. It felt vaguely predatory and I’m glad it stopped before it got out of control. I also love the relationship she has with Red. When she almost used the drugs Taystee gave her, and took them to Red with such guilt and sorrow in her eyes at the thought of disappointing Red, her mother-figure, I thought it was the most honest moment between the two characters we’ve seen.

Boo – See above. I think Boo is not a nice person, but she manages to somewhat mask it behind humour. I was surprised she sold out Red so easily to Vee. Did she want to be in the good books of the queen last season? I didn’t realise she cared that much about the politics of who was running things, and I don’t remember what Boo’s history is with Red to sell her out so quickly.

Red – Love her. Bow down to the queen, everyone. Bow down.

Morello – poor, sweet, stalker Morello. I cannot BELIEVE she didn’t get caught breaking into Christopher’s house. Besides the fact that there is NO WAY a minimum security prison would allow an inmate to drive a van and stay in it unattended, how could the hospital security not be monitoring what she did in the parking garage? Ridiculous. But also sad. Taking a bath while wearing the veil of your faux-fiancĂ©’s bride-to-be? So sad. So crazy.

Healy – He seems like a nice man who has no idea how to relate to these women. Obviously he’s there in an administrative capacity, but every time he seems let down by the inmates I wonder what exactly he expected from them. The same way he deals with his wife. Aggression, followed by remorse, followed by attempts at rectifying situations. It’s totally the wrong way to go about doing things. However, I couldn’t stop laughing when he started going to therapy, shouting abuse at the therapist, then trying to implement the same strategies in the prison.

Pennsatucky – Ugh. I find her so irritating. I HATE that Healy let her get away with beating Piper. However, the prosthetic they had Tarryn Manning wear in her mouth with no teeth was SO AWFUL. I mean, gross to look at, but also SO FAKE. Way too big for her mouth and just…ugh, too obvious. I couldn’t look at anything else in those scenes except her badly fitted lack of fake teeth.

Caputo – Hilarous this season. A band named Sideboob? Cultivating succulent plants? Yelling at people? Screwing over Fig? Hilarious. Please keep being awesome.

Bennett & Daya – I’m putting them together because their plotline is so sad. An impossible situation with no good solution. I don’t think it was right to blame Pornstache for the pregnancy, and I think Bennett’s outbursts in the last few episodes came from a place of feeling totally out of control of the situation. I truly wonder where they’ll take this relationship. I like them both and hope there’s a nice end point, but I think it’s unlikely.

Pornstache – Still revolting. Moving on.

Larry & Polly – Seriously, people. They spend a bit of time together, sleep together once and then suddenly they’re in love? Seems more like a relationship of convenience because they both don’t love their current partners anymore. The whole thing was handled so badly. Though points to Polly’s husband Pete for exclaiming “I’m not an alcoholic, I’M AUSTRALIAN!” when he thinks they’re confronting him about drinking.

Suzanne/Crazy Eyes – I loved that she had a big part of the main arc this season. It was interesting to see Vee zero in so quickly on how to manipulate Suzanne to suit her purposes, and funny seeing Suzanne become the ‘muscle’ for Vee. But that last scene of Suzanne bawling her eyes out when she learns that Vee has escaped? Gut-wrenching. GUT-WRENCHING. Uzo Aduba is amazing in this role. I would love to see her win an Emmy for this, I think it would be so deserved.

Vee – Witch. Complete and utter psychologically demented witch. I loved seeing a character be so cold and cruel from the get-go, but I hated seeing Taystee, Cindy, Janae (and Poussey to a lesser extent for a while) get sucked in so easily. How could they not see her cold, dead heart? HOW?

Taystee & Poussey – I’m putting these two together as well because their friendship was the best arc of the season. Their relationship was so layered, and it killed me seeing Taystee reject Poussey so easily for someone who hadn’t been there for her when she left prison last season. I was really, really worried Taystee was going to do something to Poussey to hurt her, and I’m SO GLAD the writers didn’t go in that direction. The subtle way they patched things up was nicely done, and delicious when they teamed up to push Vee out.

So, that’s what I’ve been thinking about ever since I watched the last episode on Saturday. What about everyone else? What did you love or hate about season 2 – I’d love to know!

Until next time,

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2 comments on “TV Talk – Orange is the New Black Season 2

  1. Angela

    I felt sorry for Healy when no one came to his ‘Safe Place’ group meetings. My favourite bit was when Taystee and Poussey make up and pretend to be white girls… Good write up! Xx

  2. JuliaJulia Post author

    Yeah, poor Healy. He has good intentions, but then he ends up shouting at everyone and alienating them. Taystee and Poussey as white girls is pure genius!


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