Podcast – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley: EP01


So, a while ago, maybe at the end of last year or earlier this year, I started listening to a few podcasts. Usually about things like TV and film, but mostly just general chit chat ones. I kept thinking “This is so cool, just a few people sitting around, talking about stuff they like and don’t like.” I became quite taken with the idea of podcasting, particularly about things like TV and movies and pop culture in general. I used to blog a lot about Glee over at my old blog, but since having a child two years ago, I just don’t have as much free time to watch TV, and when I do, it’s usually catching up on stuff that’s aired a few weeks before. So I feel like blogging about TV after the fact wasn’t as relevant as it used to be when I’d put my Glee posts up the day after the episode aired.

However, I still want to talk about TV and movies and books and all that stuff. I always have, and I always will. I mean, I majored in Film and Television Studies at uni because I love it so much. So podcasting seemed like a cool thing to try out. And, as luck would have it, I had been chatting to the lovely Kimberley on Twitter, who also loves talking bout TV, film, books and all kinds of other pop culture-y things, and was also interested in the idea of doing a podcast. We got together a while ago to give it a shot, and it was pretty awesome. Sitting down with someone for an hour and talking about TV? Yes, please!

And so I’m super excited to announce that The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley was born. Yes, we have officially released our first podcast! The inaugural episode is all about TV Firsts – our first TV boyfriends, our first TV fandoms, and a bunch of other TV firsts we experienced. We’re super pleased with how it turned out, and we’ll be publishing the podcast once a month from now on. We’re hoping our podcast fills a little bit of a gap in the Australian podcast marketplace, and opens up a discussion each month about whatever it is we’re chatting about. It’s going to be about pop culture, and it will be about whatever takes our fancy that month. We really hope you’ll join us in listening and chatting to us on twitter once you’ve listened to it. Best of all, the podcast is FREE! So download it, chuck on your device of choice and settle in for an hour of fun pop culture musings, then tell other people all about it!

You can grab it here: TV Firsts – The Pop Culture Hour with Julia and Kimberley


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