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Last weekend I took a little me-time and headed in to the city to finally, finally check out H&M Melbourne. My husband was very generous and gave me a $150 voucher for Mother’s Day this year and I haven’t had the time to head in to have a look sans-toddler until last weekend. Here’s what I picked up!

Basic blazer – $39.95AUD
There were a few blazers around the store, and I wanted a nice maroon one with a collar that I saw, but they didn’t have my size. I probably could have squeezed into a size 10 if it weren’t for my man-shoulders, but I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, so I opted for this soft, dusty pink. The colour doesn’t come up well in the photos, but it has a nice soft tone to it that will go nicely with neutral beige and cream underneath. I wish it had a collar though, but other than that, no complaints. It’s a great basic, tailored jacket that was a good price.

Basic jumper – $29.95AUD (50% off price)
There were a LOT of jumpers at H&M. A LOT. And a lot of them were that oversized, shapeless style that does nothing for my figure. I end up looking like I’m wearing a nice, warm potato sack, so I tend to avoid them. But I saw this one when I was nearly finished and quickly tried it on over my clothes instead of braving the change rooms again. I bought a size small so that it was somewhat fitted, and I’m planning to wear it with a white collared shirt, black jeans and black boots. I love the pop of colour in Winter, and I love that it was half price, and I really love that it’s about 30% cashmere.

Winter scarf – $24.95AUD
I saw this fluffy, voluminous scarf and had to have it. It’s just so perfect for Winter. Again, the colour isn’t coming up nicely in the photos, it’s a nice caramel brown colour and it’s so, so warm. It’s also part wool, but the only downside is that it leaves fluff all over EVERYTHING that it touches. Still, I love it and it’s comfy and warm, and that’s all you really need from a scarf, right?

Delicate necklace – $9.95AUD
I was impressed by the range of accessories, but struggled to find something I would actually wear. See, I’m not great with accessory styling, and really heavy, chunky stuff doesn’t look great on me. So when I saw this pretty, delicate three-strand silver necklace I grabbed it. I love the different styles of each chain, and the graduated length is a nice feature.

So all this stuff is great, but it doesn’t add to $150, right? I didn’t want to leave with money still sitting on my voucher though, because I’d been in the shop for 90 minutes and didn’t want to come back just to spend thirty bucks, so I also grabbed a couple of long sleeved tops (for my daughter), a hat and mittens set (also for my daughter – but they’re so cute that if they had them in adult size I would totally wear them), and a three pack of socks. All of that added up to $144, so I left feeling exhausted but glad I’d gotten good value out of the voucher.

However, I don’t know that I’ll race back to H&M anytime soon. I wasn’t super impressed with the styles of clothing, which is mostly a personal thing – I don’t wear that kind of normcore, hobo chic that is so in right now. I have always liked tailored fashion because it suits my body type, and I’ve always liked things with a bit of colour and pattern to them. I found a lot of the stuff there very bland, or completely so on-trend that in a year’s time it will be totally irrelevant. Plus, a lot of it was just so cheap feeling. Now, I know that high street fashion it supposed to be affordable, but a lot of it felt so mass-produced and of crappy quality that I was kind of annoyed. They definitely have good basics, like all the cardigans in different colours, but honestly, I can go to any Westfield, walk into Glassons and buy the exact same thing. The only H&M I’ve every been to was in New York and that was ten years ago, but the clothes were a lot more FUN. Cute colours, and a slight kitsch, retro feel. Still fashionable, but not as SRSFASHUN as the Melbourne H&M is.

I know we take our fashion seriously here in Melbourne, and maybe I’m just slightly too old for what people in their early twenties are wearing, but in other shops I rarely feel this way. I think I’m not alone, either. I wandered into a section on the ground floor towards the back that was very…young. You know, just stuff that you see on an 18 year old and think “Yep, that would never be something that I would even consider wearing, not even for a second”? Well, I was walking through that part of the shop and thought “I’m too old for this section” and started to walk out of it. Two women about my age passed me and one of them said to her friend “This is the wrong section for me” and I made contact with her and nodded. We both laughed. So I know I’m not alone in these feelings.

We’re going to Hawaii later in the year, and I’ll be interested to see what the clothes are like in the H&M there. Obviously they’ll be more Summery, but I’m hoping they’re a tad more interesting. I shall report back.

What does everyone else think of H&M Melbourne? Worth the wait, or totally underwhelming?

Until next time,

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