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Hope your Sunday is treating you well! This weather is certainly good for lying around and reading mindlessly entertaining web stuff, isn’t it?

So, without further ado, here is your mindlessly entertaining web stuff for today!

– If you were a teenager in the 90s you’ve probably watched the movie Speed about a hundred times, right? Even if you didn’t I’m sure you’re going to want to read this interview with the supporting cast of the film who were on the bus with Sandy and Keanu. It’s quite charming to read about Sandra Bullock as she was right on the brink of stardom. (via HitFix)

– Now that the first half of Mad Men’s final season is over, they’re getting ready for the Emmy Awards. The campaign is very, very clever. The one featuring Pete Campbell is very funny. And honestly>? I really think Jon Hamm deserves the Emmy this year. He’s done some solid work and it’s been a nice return to form for Don Draper. It deserves some recognition. (via

– Here are sixty photos of well known figures in candid photos that are worth looking at. I don’t like the title of the post, because no, seeing President Obama as a high school basketball player or Madonna, Sting and Tupac sitting at a table won’t “blow my mind” or “destroy everything I knew about the past”, but it’s still fun to see. (via Distractify)

– This is a really interesting article about pregnant actresses in Hollywood over time. Amazing that women used to have to hide their pregnancies to keep a role, and now people just work around it like it’s not a problem. BECAUSE IT ISN’T. (via LA Mag)

– Also a sign that I grew up in the 90s: numerous viewing of The Mighty Ducks movies. Apparently it was the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the first film’s release recently. I’ll just let that sink in, shall I? Anyway, once you’ve recovered from that horrifying thought, check out this oral history of The Mighty Ducks trilogy. It is delightful, although apparently Emilio Estevez declined to be interviewed for it. Why, Gordon Bombay? WHY? (via Time)

– With the release of the film adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars last week, you’ll want to check out where it ranks in The Definitive Ranking of Teen Romance Movies. I don’t know if I agree with number one. What do you all think. THIS NEEDS AN IN-DEPTH DISCUSSION. (via Buzzfeed)

– Finally, if you’re a fan of Richard Curtis movies, you’re going to want to look at this article about The Greatest Music Cues from his films. His movies really do have perfectly chosen and timed soundtracks, don’t they? (via The Wire)

That’s it for now – seen anything else good around the web lately?

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