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Sephora, you guys! SEPHORAAAAAAA!

My aunt went to the States and I put in a Sephora order. Of course, this was before we decided to book a trip to the States ourselves for later in the year, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty of other things to buy at The Holy Grail when I’m there myself.

Stila One Step Corrector
I have been eyeing off this Stila One Step Corrector primer for the longest time, but I never got around to buying it, especially since I already had a primer that was fine. But, when I checked the Sephora website and realised it was only $36USD versus $58AUD at Mecca, it was too good not to take advantage of. It worked out to $38AUD and I like it already. Although my skin is fairly evenly toned and I don’t have a lot red patches that need evening out, I still wanted it to use under my eyes where it gets shadowy and dark, and around my T-zone and chin. Besides the fact that it’s pretty to look at, I like that it has three corrective elements in one. However, that being said, if you have very uneven skin tones I don’t know that it would be enough of a corrective? Your mileage may vary to mine, I suppose. Basically I think it’s a nice primer base for make-up that isn’t too heavy or oily, with some light correctives in it, which suits me fine.

Plus, did I mention how pretty it is to look at?

Sephora brand Fiber mask

I first discovered these when my mum bought me something from Sephora in Paris and she got one of these masks as a freebie, but the packaging was different (and much more efficient, in my opinion). This is the one I got as a sample last year. So I asked my aunt to pick up six of them for me. Apparently they’ve re-versioned the mask and there are a few different varieties. I got the two pictured above, but there are four other types you can buy as well. They are $6USD each and you get one mask in the pack, which is about $6.40AUD. These are the kinds of masks you need to do when home alone, because, well, they kind of make you look like a serial killer. Case in point. (That is not me, by the way). The new version of the mask seems to be a lot bigger and has a lot of overhang, which kind of annoyed me, because it meant I had mask that wouldn’t just mold to my face at the edges. I ended up with bits that hung loose or flopped back onto the mask that was actually on my face. But regardless of that, these masks give my skin a bit of hydration and refreshment, and I feel like that makes my skin look a lot brighter when I take it off. Highly recommend!

So, what else should I pick up when I’m at Sephora later in the year? I have a few things on a wishlist, but I want to know what you’d grab if you were there!

Until next time,

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