Winter Style – Boot Up!

I am having a serious love affair with boots right now. Specifically, ankle boots. When they first turned up a couple of years ago, I was not a fan. I don’t know why, but they just didn’t Do It for me. Now? Step aside, because I am getting ON BOARD THE TRAIN. There are several reasons for this. I wear a lot of flats and in Winter my feet get cold. I am also seriously afflicted with Wide Calf Syndrome (WCS), where for some reason, even though I am a very, very average size 14 person, to tops of my calves are weirdly slightly too wide to wear most knee high boots. This leads to much frustration when boot shopping in Winter. Ankle boots completely SOLVE this problem. That doesn’t mean I will stop my search for a knee high boot that fits me perfectly, but in the meantime, ankle boots are my saviour. And I’ve seen a LOT of them lately that I could quite easily buy. To wit:

1. Gin – Jo Mercer, $159.95AUD. I bought these about a month ago and I heart them so much, you guys. It helped that I had a $50 off voucher from Ms. Mercer (they’re really good with deals like that. See also: their buy one, get one half price deals), and I knew I wanted a pair of black suede ankle boots. I didn’t like the look of these on the shelf and tried on a different pair that were okay, but not that comfortable. The reason I didn’t love these is that the toe and heel have a silvery sheen to them, which made them look sort of worn already. But I tried them on and they were super comfortable, and the silvery sheen actually is a really nice accent, particularly if you’re wearing them with black jeans, which I so often do. Highly recommend, people, highly recommend!

2. Gang – Wittner, $199.95AUD. These are a little higher in the heel than I would normally go, but I do love caramel coloured leather so much. And I’m such a fan of a blonde wood heel. These come in a few different colours, but this one is my favourite. I would pair these with dark denim, a cream top, a camel coloured knitted wrap, some kick-ass Jackie O sunnies and my camel Oroton handbag. These are boots that demand a strong, striding gait, and I think I could nail it. I love clomping around. These boots seem perfect for clomping.

3. Mainstay – Nine West, $189.95AUD. Could anyone else see Kate Middleton wearing these with her trademark opaque tights and a stylin’ tartan coat in Winter? If I bought these, that’s what I would try to emulate. These are a slightly dressier black boot, and I love a pointy toe. Almost wicked witch territory, but not quite. These are killer.

4. Josephina – Diana Ferrari, $179.95AUD. Diana Ferrari does not get enough credit, I think. Their dresses are always a lovely fit, and their footwear is always on trend, but is a little less flashy than a lot of other big brands. They’re my old faithful when I’m looking for something nice to wear and they never fail me. These taupe boots grabbed my attention straight away. I love the leather fold over the top, and I think these would be perfect for a more corporate work environment, or with a nice pair of black jeans. They seem like a great all-rounder. I do wish they came in black as well, but we can’t have everything, can we?

Happy shopping, people. I know I will have enabled at least one or two of you with this post!

Until next time,

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4 comments on “Winter Style – Boot Up!

  1. Angela

    Can’t wait to go shopping with you at DFO South Wharf when home! Ankle boots will definitely feature in my winter wardrobe in Europe this year! xx

  2. Natalie

    I’m not a boot person though I have tried – I bought a pair of suede Sam Edelman boots in a putty colour earlier in the year that I quite like and I have a pair of the Rag & Bone Newbury boots in black leather but rarely wear either. I am ballet flats through and through.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Natalie, I was always a ballet flats person as well, but I’ve noticed the past couple of Winters my feet are starting to get a lot colder, so I love that I can wear boots with socks and feel toasty and warm when I go for a walk at lunch. Plus, they are super cute, so there’s that too!


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