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Thank goodness for a bit of sunshine, am I right? Although it was nice to be inside, cozy and warm all day on Saturday while it rained here in Melbourne. Anyway, I’ve had a million links bookmarked which always means it’s time for another link love post.

Here’s hoping these links help you get through your Tuesday!

Baby eyebrows
This image will make a lot more sense once you click through to the list of links, I promise.

– The Met Gala was last week, which many of you know, and if you like Humans of New York, you will definitely want to check out the man behind HONY, Brandon Stanton’s photos of celebs from the Gala . (via Vogue)

– There’s also a lot more Met Gala coverage here. Trust me, you’ll want to spend some time looking at most of these links! (Via Vogue)

– How are we all feeling about the new season of Mad Men? The first half season is already nearly over and I wonder so much where it’s all heading. For now, I’m enjoying this tumblr of the Mad Men cast in a lot of non-Mad Men photos (with a healthy dose of GIFs thrown in for good measure). (via Tumblr)

– Got a baby? Draw some crazy eyebrows on it. You will not be disappointed, I promise. (via College Humor)

– It’s amazing what happens when “news” headlines take focus off a woman’s appearance. Woman leaves the house wearing clothes! Amazing. (via Upworthy)

– Friends ended ten years ago. TEN YEARS. I was in New York the night it ended and everyone in my hostel gathered in the kitchen to watch the finale. Here is a quick article from Alan Sepinwall on the finale and various other bits and pieces about the sitcom’s dominance and whether it has held up over time (I think it has). (via HitFix)

– I love Tumblrs like What Should We Call Me and When in Melbourne. So many funny, funny GIFs. I recently also discovered My Friends Are Married and it is hilarious. I found it via…another blogger I think? I’m not sure, it was the week I was sick with a head cold so everything is a blurry haze covered in Vicks and cold medicine, but it’s super funny. And as a married person, let me just say that I can relate to many, many of these as well – the appreciation is not just limited to single people! (via Tumblr)

– I know you want to spend some time looking at music videos starring pre-fame celebrities.

– Finally, this link is probably one of the best things I seen for a long while. Two students at an Art & Design college in the States spent a year sneaking into classrooms and creating beautiful works of art on the chalkboards. Amazing what a box of chalk, imagination and talent can do. If you look at nothing else this week, take the time to look at this one. (via LifeBuzz)

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