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So Autumn definitely arrived in Melbourne today, which makes me glad I have been slowly stocking up on winter knitwear as I see it in shops, every few weeks for the past couple of months. I always seem to find myself in the middle of winter without any decent knitwear, and by the time I realise that I can never find anything nice. What is UP WITH THAT?

So anyway, here are a few things I’ve purchased recently in anticipation of the cooler weather that, as of this morning, has arrived. Two plus hours to get home from work? Must be raining in Melbourne!

1. Portmans Colour Block Fine Pullover, $59.95AUD. I had some left over birthday money and Portmans have THE cutest knitwear at the moment, and a lot of it is merino wool, which I love. This top, however, is not wool. It looks cute, and it is cute, but this top is so unbelievably thin that I feel slightly naked even when I’m wearing a singlet under it. Cute, but for something so thin it is definitely not worth sixty bucks.

2. Portmans Lace Stripe Knit, $49.95AUD. This is really, really nice. And much thicker than the previous top, which, given it’s ten dollars cheaper, I don’t understand. I would not pair it with a skirt (something about jumpers and skirts screams school uniform to me), but with black jeans and boots it’s killer. I love a black and white lace combo and it’s nice to incorporate it into a more casual outfit.

3. Ezibuy Capture Weave Knitted Dress, $19AUD. This was a cheapie, and the reviews aren’t great (apparently the top is very, very loose), but I decided to risk it and order one anyway. I wanted another basic dress for winter, and for some reason I hate spending a lot of money on things that are grey. To me, the colour is so blah, but if the clothing is a nice style I will begrudgingly buy it. I know, I’m so weird. I cannot explain this particular facet of my brain function. Anyway, the dress arrived and I’m glad I sized down. The twisted fabric at the top is very thick – I think this would only look good on women with a sufficient bust to fill it out because it’s very….thick. There’s just a LOT of fabric in that section that needs to be filled. I think they really needed just one twisty tie of fabric and that would have been sufficient. The sleeves are a little bit loose on me, but not in a terrible way (I now understand why the model in the photo has them artfully pushed back a little, which is what I suspect I’ll be doing), and the lower half of the dress is fitted without being too clingy. In short, I’m keeping it, but I understand why the reviews are so negative. This dress could have been improved with just a couple of quick fixes. But like I said, $19, so worth the risk.

4. Ezibuy Essentials Merino Cardigan, $69.99AUD. These cardigans come in a fantastic variety of colours. They’re new, but they’re already so popular that the awesome colours are sold out. I really wanted the green or the raspberry colour, but alas, I was too slow. And I only got the catalogue LAST WEEK! I’m really hoping the other colours get restocked SOON. Hear that, Ezibuy? SOOOOOONNNNNN. This cardi wasn’t as bright blue as it appears in the photo, but it’s still a lovely colour. Sidenote: I really like the knitted jumper featured in the picture too, which are also merino wool, and which also come in a range of colours….Hmmmm.

Edited to add: once I published this, I checked the Ezibuy website and they have indeed restocked. Go forth and purchase, my friends!

What have you bought recently for your Winter wardrobe?

Until next time,

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