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There’s something so nice about autumn and winter fashion. I think it’s the layers. After months of wearing bare legs and sleeveless dresses and sandals, there’s something so comforting about feeling a bit cooler and needing to pull on a jacket and a scarf. Of course, talk to me in six months about the weather and I’m sure I’ll be ready to punch winter right in the face. But for now, as the weather turns cool in Melbourne, I am so enjoying seeing all the new season’s fashion arriving in stores. But there’s one thing that there’s never enough of, and that’s winter dresses. And I mean REAL winter dresses. Not dresses with a little cap sleeve that you have to wear a jacket with for the entire day to stay warm, or a put a shirt under to make it winter appropriate. I’m talking about a simple, woollen dress that is soft, warm, hits the knee at the right place and you can just pull on, pair it with some tights and boots and walk out of the house. And I know I’m not alone in thinking this.

Never fear, Chic To Do’ers, I’m already on the case! I’ve been scouting the internet and I’m already finding a lot of cute options. Check out these five options that are affordable, stylish and can be worn at work or on the weekend.

WInter dresses 2014

1. Women’s V Neck Color Block Mini Dress, $27.29USD. I discovered this website last year through a friend, and while I haven’t ordered from it, I’m intrigued by the styles and the prices. Click through and you’ll see more photos of it on the model, and I think it looks quite nice, particularly if your workplaces errs on the casual side.

2. Black, white and merlot colorblocked zipper detailed long sleeve dress, $64.69USD. I love this for the zips and the pops of red – nice, subtle additions to a fairly simple dress. You guys know about Bluefly, right? I bought some really cute jumpers from there a couple of years ago and always loved the stuff they carry. Usually quite affordable, it’s a great place to browse for stuff you didn’t know you really needed. I speak from experience here.

3. BCBG Max Azria brown ash stretch cotton blend cowl neck ruched sweater dress, $67.19. Another Bluefly find (see what I mean?), and I love the colour and the cowl neck. There’s also a similar dress here, but with a flared skirt, perfect for pear shaped bods like mine.

4. Textured Jersey Dress, $63AUD. I am so obsessed with Next. It’s a UK site, but they ship to Australia for FREE, so I’ve bought a few things from there. The kids clothes are really good quality, and the women’s clothes are always cute and stylish. And affordable. I love the texture of this dress, it makes a plain black dress much more interesting. And when I wear black in winter, I want it to be a little bit unique.

5. Women’s Round Collar Long Sleeve Wollen Midi Dress, $44.09USD. Another Light in the Box find. I love that this is a longer length, and I think with tights and ankle boots it would look really cute in the middle of winter. I definitely couldn’t carry off the hat in the picture because I am just not a Hat Person, but someone out there with more style and confidence than me could certainly add it to their ensemble with a certain panache.

Honorable mentions for winter dresses also go to Ezibuy, who always have a few nice tunics and wool dresses (though some border on dowdy in style). I bought a really simple dark magenta coloured knitted dress from them last year that has come in SO handy for a number of occasions. And of course Asos, because they have a lot of options in midi length dresses, some of which are 3/4 sleeved, and therefore useable in Winter. Though I have struggled to find anything that is a nice wool or knitted dress on the site so I don’t know how warm they’d be.

But I shall persevere and continue trying to find the best winter frocks that are truly for winter. Long sleeves, midi length, thick fabric, and anything with a bit of colour to it is a bonus. Because honestly, sometimes we’re all sick of wearing pants for six months straight. Who’s with me?

Until next time,

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3 comments on “Style – 5 winter dresses

  1. Natalie

    ASOS don’t seem to do knit dresses well – most of their stuff is poly, viscose or cotton but they do have some lovely work appropriate midi dresses. I don’t think Melbourne really gets that cold so it doesn’t worry me!

  2. JuliaJulia Post author

    Nat, I don’t mind those fabrics most of the time in winter either, particularly when I’m in the office where it’s often quite warm from the heating system. Occasionally though, I crave a nice warm soft knitted dress for those really, really chilly days when I don’t want to wear the usual pants and top! I look for them every winter and never find much, but hopefully this year’s search will yield a few nice ones!

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