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I pinched this from Natalie over at The Mustard Jumper. Here’s a quick run down of some of my favourite things about blogging, and my favourite blogs!

What was the first blog you ever came across?
I honestly don’t really remember exactly, but I think it was Pamela Ribon’s website, Pamie.com which I discovered in 2004 after poking aroundthe Television Without Pity forums, which are SO not what they used to be in their heyday. I remember reading Pamie’s blog and thinking “So….people just, like, create websites to talk about their lives?” The idea was so cool to me. I’ve never been a journaler, but I do love to write, and I love the internet, so it’s a perfect combo.

Favourite blog reads.
Raspberri Cupcakes is my favourite food blog. Steph bakes the most divine looking treats, and the photography and food styling is what I aspire to have my blog photos look like. So worth a look, even if you’re not a baker.
In Honor of Design is a blog by Anna, who is a graphic designer in the States. She just has a really effortless, casual style that I really like and admire (considering she has three young kids). Her blog is a mix of style and life, and I always read it and take something of value away from it.
I’ve already mentioned The Mustard Jumper. Natalie blogs about travel, beauty, books and a range of other things. It’s honest with an easy going tone that I love.

Best blogging friend.
I went to the Nuffnang Australia blogopolis conference in late 2011, which I enjoyed. I made a few connections, but ultimately none that lasted. I recently met up with Natalie from The Mustard Jumper (after reading and commenting on each other’s blogs for a few years) and we had a lovely dinner chatting about blogs, books, TV and all manner of things, which was fabulous.

Name a blog that enables your purchases.
This is a tough one, because I don’t read a lot of beauty blogs religiously, and my beauty regime has always been fairly lazy, so when I read product reviews I don’t often purchase things. So I guess I can’t really answer this one. N/A. N/A I SAY!

5 blogs everyone should be reading.
Go Fug Yourself. Not really a blog, but if you like celebrity fashion you really should be reading this hilarious site.
Cupcakes and Cashmere is run by Emily, former Condé Nast employee, and documents the little pleasures in life. I like this site because as beautiful and fortunate as Emily seems to be, there’s no pretention. She obviously works hard and enjoys life, so it’s always a lovely read.
Girls of a Certain Age is a mix of fashion, beauty and internet pop culture-y stuff. They also have the best link round ups a couple of times a week.
Our Labor of Love is a photography blog of wedding/engagement photos. Well, it used to be. It was laid out in a linear stream of photos from events they shot, but they’ve since changed their layout and incorporated lifestyle photos and other stuff. If you want to see some seriously beautiful photography of functions that are always beautifully styled, you definitely need to check this website out.
What I Wore is a Tumblr, but it’s one of my favourite fashion sites. Jessica Quirk has worked in fashion design, which led her to create this personal style blog. I love Jessica’s style for a number of reasons: she’s a skilled seamstress often making her own pieces, her clothing is often from really accessible places like Target, J.Crew, ModCloth, etc, and I loooove the way her site is organised. You can search by colour, by outfit type, by season. It’s amazing!

Your favourite way to read blogs.
Look, I used to be super stupid and navigate directly to each website manually. Now I follow my faves on Bloglovin, which is a freaking fantastic RSS style reader that allows you create a feed of all your favourite blogs and read their entries all in the one place. It’s genius. They also have an app, so you can read your favourite blogs on the go, which is super cool.

Bloggers that inspire you.
Pioneer Woman by Ree Drummond is such an amazing site. While I do find the layout and navigation a little busy and confusing, I really admire what Ree has achieved while living on a ranch and homeschooling her four children. I particularly love her photography, which is nothing short of stunning.

Favourite blog design/look.
Mmmm, this is tough one. I do favour blogs that have a simple, clean design. Too many ads and banners throws me right off and I feel like I can’t see the content. I would say that most of the blogs above are my ideal designs – unique, but elegant in their simplicity.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I love to write. And I love that blogging has introduced me to a wide group of people who share similar interests. It gives me a creative outlet, helps me set goals and deadlines for projects I want to do, no matter how small, and it’s just plain fun to create something out of nothing. A blank screen is suddenly filled with words and pictures and I love that.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future.
I would love Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes to write a cookbook. I think it would be beautifully styled and the recipes would be mouth-wateringly tempting, just like the stuff on her blog!
I would also love to see myself write a book one day, but we’ll see how that goes!

Final honourable mentions?
Pop Couture is an Australian website full of pop culture stuff. TV, movies, books, and beauty, Kimberley is super funny and always has great posts to read.
The Little Big Company is an online shop that sells chic party accessories, but they also have a blog dedicated to event styling. It is amazing, with beautiful photos and a great source of inspiration.
Design*Sponge is a site dedicated to all things home – interior design, DIY, entertaining, etc. It’s basically apartment, food and party porn and I love it.
Wayfaring Chocolate is written by Hannah, an Aussie living in Canada. She knows her chocolate, let me tell you. If there’s a sweet treat to be tried and tested, Hannah is ON TO IT. Always a fun read, and has some really yummy recipes on there as well.
Apples Under My Bed is a food diary run by Heidi, a Melbourne girl. Her entries focus on wholesome, delicious food, and her writing conveys such a love for good food eaten with good friends. Always a pleasure to read.
Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department is the most fantastic beauty resource. Tutorials, tips, product reviews, it has everything. It’s beautifully designed and such a wonderful resource. If you’re not reading this, then get on it. NOW.

I could name about a million others, but it’s late and all this linking is making my eyes cross!

What are your favourite blogs? Hit me up in the comments!

Until next time,

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4 comments on “On Blogging

  1. sam

    thanks for this. i’ll have a check through on the weekend through your picks. i really only follow one – peanut butterfingers or pbfingers. Julie writes it and I feel like I’ve been her friends for years and years. She’s just heaps of fun but quite wholesome and I’m in awe of her discipline when it comes to exercise and she gets so much cool stuff sent to her by people who want her to promote their stuff.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Sam, I haven’t heard of pbfingers, will definitely check it out! Lucky her to get lots of freebies, always a great perk!

  2. Natalie

    You are too kind – lovely words x

    I love this tag and hope other people do it, because not everyone has a blog roll. I often check out blogs based on recommendations or even people I see commenting in blogs. I think if we both like the same thing then maybe i’ll like what they’re doing.

    1. JuliaJulia Post author

      Nat, I’m the same. These days I tend to check out blogs based on recs from other people most of the time (purely because I don’t have the time to browse the internet like I used to). Though I find StumbleUpon quite good for random browsing when I have time!

      I hope other people use this tag as well – it would be great to start a big conversation around it and discover even more wonderful blogs to read.


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