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My first Autumnal link love post! I’m writing this as I watch Almost Famous. I forgot how good Kate Hudson is in it. Makes me almost forgive her for the crapfest that was Bride Wars.

– I’m starting this week with something a little melancholy. Despite it being twenty one minutes long, you’re going to want to watch montage of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s movie roles. When he died, there were a lot of articles going around about his life, his substance abuse problems, all that stuff. But this tribute discusses none of that. It’s just about his work. His amazing acting and his outstanding body of work. If you do watch it, put your head phones on. There are a LOT of F-bombs in it. (via Slate)

– You guys have heard of Vitamin String Quartet, right? They’re a string quartet who play covers of popular music and they are just phenomenal. Whether you have or haven’t, you’re going to want to check out this list of some of their covers of current popular songs. Trust me. (via Buzzfeed)

– Ah, kids. they say the most horrifying things. Number 11. Just….number 11. (via tickld)

– So, I’ve watched a lot of Friends. So have my sisters. On this list of 39 catchphrases real Friends fans use on a regular basis, I’m pretty sure we’ve used at least fifty percent of these. Especially number 7. And number 10. SO MUCH NUMBER 10. (via Buzzfeed)

– If you like Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon (who wouldn’t? CRAZY PEOPLE, THAT’S WHO), you’re going to love this video of them recording a doo wop version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. (via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel)

– These 22 far away perspectives of famous places are pretty amazing. (via Distractify)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Until next time,

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2 comments on “Links I Love

  1. Sharon

    I loved the Friends link. I say SO many of those things as well. Number 10 is a something I say ALL the time. Occasionally #2 is used, and #18 pops up as well, but never with guys that I’m actually trying to hit on. Haha. Thanks for the laughs.


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